Celebrity trainer Simone De La Rue is showing us how to get a full body workout using one of the most affordable and portable pieces of equipment – a glider.

• Lateral Lunge and Pulse: Place the disc under the ball of your right foot, bend your left knee, glide your right leg out to the side, static hold and pulse. This works the abductors, adductors, quad, hamstring and glute.

• Reverse Lunge to Balance: Place the dis behind the right toe, glide the right leg back as you bend the left knee, stand up balance on left leg with right knee to chest. This works the quad, hamstring, glute and lower abs.

• Windscreen Wiper Plank: Come down into the perfect plank, place the glider underneath the right toe, swipe the leg towards the shoulder and back to start. This works the core and obliques, chest and shoulders.

• Plank Variation: Start in the perfect plank, put the disc under your right toe, cross it over the bodying extend back out. This works the chest, shoulders, core, and glute.

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