Shirley show us a one of kind approach to creating a winter landscape.

Shirley show us a one of kind approach to creating a winter wonderland. Her DIY Winter Wonderland takes your favorite photos and transforms it into the backdrop of a beautiful landscape.

1. Select a photo and print an enlarged version of it on non-glossy paper. I used a black and white photo and enlarged it to 18” x 12” to fit into a frame I already had. Tape it onto the frame.

2. Use a low container for the mini landscape that is approximately the same width as the background image. I used a rectangular, wood box and filled it with crafting foam. Build up areas of the landscape using small pieces of foam. Glue to bottom foam.

3. Cover your landscape with snow blanket material,

4. Create a frozen lake by cutting out black foam board and seal it with mod podge. Sprinkle some diamond dust or glitter to make a frozen effect.

5. To make your lake look dimensional, fill it with crafting resin. You will need to build up the edges of your “lake: with hot glue first so that the resin does not run off of the sides of your lake. Place your dried lake into your container after 24 hours drying time.

6. Design your landscape using branches, stems, and cuttings from your garden. I used junipers and created both trees and shrubs from them. Sprinkle some snow on them!

7. Insert your stems into the foam and design your landscape placing larger plants in the foreground for a scaled look. Pay attention to plant placement to force the eye towards the background photo.

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