Shirley shows how you can grow a variety of mint indoors for all of our upcoming Holiday recipes.
How to Grow Mint - Home & Family

Nothing screams Christmas like candy canes. Shirley describes how you can grow a variety of mint, including peppermint and spearmint, indoors for all of our upcoming Holiday recipes. Shirley also shares a fun-fact. Legend has it candy canes were born out of a mid-1600s practice of giving kids little sugar candies to keep quiet during Christmas services. It became a tradition and later incorporated the peppermint flavor and signature red and green stripes.


  • All plants in the mint family have recognizable square-shaped stems.
  • All mint plants have the same interesting leaf pattern.
  • Peppermint has long, vine-like stems that grow and attaches itself to the ground, making new plants at the joints.
  • Spearmint grows upright but also spreads from underground stems, making all mints highly invasive in the garden.


  • Peppermint is great for baking/cooking. Spearmint is great for holiday drinks.
  • When you taste the fresh leaves you will notice the difference in flavor!
  • Peppermint has more menthol than spearmint, giving it a much cooler, strong flavor- iconic flavor in candy canes and paired with chocolate.
  • Spearmint has a milder, sweeter flavor and has another substance called carvone, which is the iconic, "spearmint flavor" not found in peppermint.


  • Peppermint grows low to the ground and will form new roots, (and plants) along the stem where it touches the soil!
  • As a hanging plant, peppermint will be easier to maintain and you can harvest the leaves that hang from the container!


  • Place it in a very bright room near a window but not direct sunlight or use a plant light if needed.
  • Keep mint well-watered but not soaked. Do not let the soil completely dry.
  • Temperatures: 50- 80 degrees indoors is ideal.
  • Harvest leaves from the tips as needed, this will keep your plant growing.


  • Take stem cuttings, removing the lower leaves and place in a glass of water.
  • Change water every 3 days. roots will form in a couple of weeks.
  • Mint plants can live in the water or plant in soil once roots form.

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