Tracy Metro's St. 'Theme-Tastic' St. Patrick's Day Party


Tracy Metro's Rainbow Jello Treats

  • Fill serving dish/glass/cup with water.
  • Divide the amount of water by 9 (each layer). That measurement is the number of ounces per layer.
  • Lay out Jello in this order: red, orange, green, blue, purple.
  • Make Jello according to direction (using quick set technique)
  • Through a funnel, pour the amount needed for each layer beginning with purple.
  • Allow purple layer to set.
  • Once set, mix milk, 1 tbs of sugar and gelatin according to recipe on box. This is the white layer which goes between every color.
  • Through funnel, pour amount needed for white layer and allow to set.
  • Continue in this manner making sure to go backwards through the rainbow.
  • Top Jello rainbow with whipped cream and gold foil covered chocolate coin!

Tracy Metro's Potato place holders

  • Cut a small slice on bottom of potato to allow potato to sit firmly.
  • Using melon baller, scoop our hole in potato.
  • Using awl or knife, poke a small hole for stem if needed.
  • Cut stem of flower, wrap in wet paper towel, place in hole.
  • Attach name tags.