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Tanya Memme's Acorn Squash Recipe

Tanya Memme's Acorn Squash Recipe

• Slice acorn squash into slices about ¾ inch thick (or preferred thickness). They will look like little flower rings from the side.

• With a spook or knife scrape and dig out the seeds in the inner circle of the "flower ring." • Place in a steamer pot and steam the rings until slightly tender. Still fairly firm, but again this is personal preference. • Take them out of the steamer and place on a cutting board. Let them cool enough to touch. • Cut into pieces - what ever size or shape you like best. • Sauté in sauce pan with butter until desired consistency add a touch of cinnamon, nutmeg and salt to taste. • Garnish with parsley sprigs. For more Lifestyle by Tanya, visit www.TanyaMemme.com and follow Tanya on Twitter @Tanya_Memme!

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