Spring Pancake Art
Jasmine Rezonable is showing you how to turn your pancakes into a work of art!

Spring Pancake Art - Home & Family


  1. When mixing your pancake batter, it is very important that the texture of the batter is smooth. To make this happen, you’ll want to mix the batter a little longer to get out the lumps. The consistency you’re looking for is almost like a runny ketchup.


  1. To mix your colors, make sure to pour the batter into the bottles first, then add your food coloring to the bottle and give it a good shake.


· Now that you’re done with the setup process, it’s always great to start with images that you are most comfortable with. These can be characters that you watch on TV every day or any image of your choice. The idea behind pancake art is that everyone can make it like a pro if you put in a little practice.

· Getting to the griddle is the fun part. Pro Tip: Make sure to have a towel under your wrist when you’re making pancake art so you do not burn yourself. Start with the griddle on warm and turn it off as needed if you need more time to draw.

· Begin with the outline of the character/image and then fill in your colors as needed. And remember, as long as you cover it in syrup, it is always tasty!

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