A Greek-favorite recipe from Debbie Matenopoulos and the host of "Flipping Out," Jenni Pulos.


  • 1 lb krinos kefalograviera cheese or 1 lb kasseri cheese or 1 lb graviera cheese
  • flour ( for dredging)
  • 1/2 cup olive oil ( or less)
  • lemons, cut into wedges

Cooking Greek with Jenni Pulos - Home & Family


1) Cut the cheese into strips 2 " wide and 1/2" thick.

2) Place strips one by one under the cold water tap and coat lightly with flour, set aside until you have dredged all the strips.

3) Heat oil in a heavy skillet and pan fry the cheese, turn once until golden brown on both sides.

4) Remove skillet from stove, pour jigger of warmed brandy over the cheese and light with a long matchstick. Serve immediately, when flame subsides, with lemon wedges

*You can dip cheese in milk, water or eggs
* Use a deep cast iron skillet
* Use olive oil and butter, it adds more flavor

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