Peggy Kotsopoulos' Kitchen Cures

 Peggy Kotsopoulos' Kitchen Cures

  1. TART CHERRY JUICE - "This is a great natural remedy to sleepless nights, if you drink a cup of Tart Cherry Juice before bed it promotes sleepiness, this juice contains the highest plant source of melatonin. It also slows down the aging process so you really get your beauty sleep"
  2. YACON SYRUP - "This is a great tasting and natural way to shrink your waist! This has been proven to help with diabetes, as well as pre-menopausal women. You can take 1 tablespoon a day, mix it into oatmeal , tea, etc."

Mental & Physical Energy Smoothie
• 2 cups unsweetened almond milk
• 1 scoop vega one • 1 banana • 1 cup mixed berries

  1. Pour in Vega One mix
  2. Kale, broccoli (“Greens are an essential to keeping up physical energy”)
  3. Blueberries ("This super food is great for your memory and keeping the mind sharp")
  4. Chia Seeds/Omega 3 fats ("Anything with good fats helps the brain/give metaphor")
  5. Blend and serve.

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