Peggy Kotsopoulos - Holiday Health Elixirs!

Peggy Kotsopoulos - Holiday Health Elixirs!

1. Stress-less Pumpkin Chai Martini
Stress Buster Drink - shopping, cooking, dealing with family can be stressful - this drink eases our holiday stress.
3 Tbs pumpkin puree 3 Tbs Vega One in vanilla chai 2 cups almond milk *can use a blender or a shaker cup to mix How Does This De-Stress The Body?
Pumpkin is loaded in stress-busting B vitamins. Plus it helps to increase serotonin levels helping to boost mood.
Vega One contains maca, which is a herb that increases your body's resistance to stress. Plus it is so jammed packed with nutrients alleviating nutritional stress. 2. Immune Boosting Kombucha Cocktail
Immune Boosting Drink - to keep you healthy so you don't get sick with colds/flu and have to miss out on festivities.
Kombucha Pureed Strawberries Fresh Ginger (juiced or grated) How Does This Boost Our Immune System?
Kombucha is a fermented tea rich in probiotic cultures, which are good bacteria, that fight all the bad bacteria in the body. Roughly 70 percent of your immune system resides in your gut. So, if you have a healthy gut you will have a healthy body!
Strawberries is super rich in vitamin C (way more than strawberries!). Vitamin C helps to strengthen immune system and prevents and treats colds and flu. Ginger - helps to reduce inflammation, sooth a sore throat, suppress coughing and contains virus fighting compounds. 3. Tox and De-toxelixIr
Pre-Drink Cocktail Elixir - when indulging in festive holiday beverages, drinking this beverage beforehand can eliminate holiday hangovers.
Coconut water Vega electrolyte hydrator in lemon lime Lime juice Fresh mint Mineral water Ice NOTE: You can add chlorella here as well or instead of hydrator.

How Does This Keep Us From Feeling The Effects Of Alcohol?
Coconut water and electrolyte hydrator contain electrolytes which helps replenish lost minerals that were lost as a result of drinking.
Mint helps to detoxify your body in between your cocktails. Lime also helps to detox liver and pushes toxins out. Plus it contains vitamin C which helps to metabolize blood alcohol. **use a shaker cup to mix Where Can We Get These Ingredients?

Whole Foods, Health food stores, grocery stores. VEGA is a good brand for the powders - get them online at

How Much Does It Cost To Make These Drinks?
The powders are about 70 dollars for a giant tub that will last forever. Chlorella is about 20 dollars a bottle. The hydrators are 30 dollars for a package of 30 servings.
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