Pancake Bacon Dippers
Chef Tony Skeeters stops by the H&F kitchen to make some scrumptious mix of breakfast foods.


1. Warm some syrup with melted butter

2. Cook 1 # 10-12 slices of thick cut apple wood bacon, fully cook, but not too crispy

3. Prepare a recipe for pancake batter

4. After the bacon has cooled slightly, slowly drizzle the melted butter and syrup over the bacon

5. Prepare a griddle pan or cast iron skillet

6. When the griddle or pan is ready, take one slice of bacon and dip it into the pancake batter and place it on the griddle, repeat with the remaining slices of bacon

7. Enjoy these hand held pancake sticks loaded with thick cut bacon with a hint of butter and syrup in each bite

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