Oscar Party Cocktails & Sandwiches

Oscar Party Cocktails & Sandwiches

"The Red Carpet” Cocktail from Rachel Hollis
Chandon Rosé
1/2 shot Triple Sec 1 shot Pomegranate juice Raspberries (for garnish) “Golden Statue” Cocktail from Rachel Hollis
1 oz vodka (Belvedere)
1⁄2 oz ciroc peach 2 oz peach puree peach slice for garnish Get more from @MsRachelHollis at

Grown-Up Grilled Cheese from Chef Hayley Christopher

sourdough (or your favorite sliced bread)
sliced white cheddar sottocenere tomato jam (if you can't find tomato jam, substitute sundried tomatoes or olive spread) caramelized onions

Heat a pan with butter and griddle your grilled cheeses to desired gooeyness and until golden brown. Optional: Melt butter in a pan with sage, allow butter to brown and drizzle over grilled cheeses for added adult deliciousness

“Hamming It Up” Sandwiches from Chef Hayley Christopher
Apples, sliced thinly
Sliced Prosciutto Manchego Stout Mustard (grainy mustard or plain original Yellow) watercress If building these sandwiches ahead of time, slice your apples and place in water flavored with fresh lemon juice to keep them from oxidizing. Serve this sandwich cold or hot, it's yummy either way.