Meg Quinn – Valentine’s Day Dessert Board

Shopping List Courtesy of Meg Quinn: @AintTooProudToMeg


  • Bowl of gummy XO’s
  • Bowl of M&M’s
  • Blueberries and red apples


  • Heart shape cookies
  • Brownies
  • Chocolate Covered Pretzels
  • Big lip gummies
  • Licorice rounds
  • Heart shaped shortbread cookie with jelly filling


  • Pink mints
  • Small gummies
  • Chocolate covered almonds
  • Vanilla meringues

Valentine’s Day Dessert Board - Home & Family


1. Place your ramekins & rounds on board to create foundation. Fill up your ramekins with smaller candies to corral them together

2. Make your apple heart. Using your red apple slice two sides off. Then, take one of the sides & start to thinly slice. Once sliced, mold the apple into a heart shape. Place onto your round & fill in with blueberries to make the apple pop

3. Move onto larger scale items (cookies, brownies, larger gummies) Start lining the edges of the board to create a barrier. One the edges are good to go, arrange them in fun ways around the board (fan out on edges, around ramekins, create rows)

4. Pay attention to color distribution. Spread out similar colors. I.e. chocolate browns on opposite corners, white on opposite corners and so forth. This helps to create visual interest and balance on the board

5. Fill in the holes with smaller candies. Like pink mints, small gummies, chocolate covered almonds, etc.

6. Add little clear scoops around the board to serve (optional)

7. Eat and enjoy!

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