Kym Douglas’ Eggnog
"Not everyone is gifted in the kitchen! I have many other talents; cooking is not one I’ve developed! BUT – that doesn’t mean that you can’t make your contribution to your holiday dinner special and from the heart. I LOVE Egg Nog! It’s a versatile beverage synonymous with the holidays. You can add cinnamon, nutmeg, or chocolate powder. You can also add a little rum or bourbon to it, if you want to make it an adult beverage. Helpful tip: Egg Nog does not keep very well. After it’s reached its expiration date, use it as a deep conditioner for your hair!"
- Kym

"A family tradition doesn’t just have to be only about the food. To make my store-bought Egg Nog personal, I chose to serve it in my grandmother’s silver punch bowl. That way I can make sure a piece of my grandmother is with me at my holiday celebration. Make your holiday dinner special by finding creative ways to keep your loved ones with you during the holidays, too!" - Kym Get additional tips from lifestyle and beauty expert Kym Douglas at Follow her @KymDouglas and like her on Facebook.