Jessie Jane's Bread Cornucopia
1. Regular size water bottle (10-12") or Large (16-18")
2. Aluminum Foil 3. Ready to bake pizza crust - 3-5 cans (regular - large cornucopia) 4. Rolling pin 5. Knife 6. Rosemary 7. Chocolate Paint (2 tbs cocoa, 3 tbs light corn syrup) 8. Fruits, herbs, and chocolates, 9. 1 egg 10. Paint brush 11. Non-stick spray


1. Take your water bottle (without the label), regular or large, depending on how big you want your cornucopia 2. Lay out a sheet of foil and start wrapping your water bottle at an angle. You are trying to create a giant cone. Make sure to smooth out your foil. 3. You are going to continue adding layers until you have a thick mold. Remember, the dough is going to be resting on this mold so you don't want it to collapse. It needs to be strong enough to hold its shape. We recommend four layers. 4. Fold over the ends of the foil so the edge is extra thick. This is going to be the heaviest portion of the mold. 5. Now remove the water bottle and stretch out the center so you have a wide opening. If you feel your mold still isn't strong enough you can stuff the center with foil. DO NOT leave the water bottle inside the mold.

6. Bend the end of the "tail" - Traditional cornucopias curve at the end. Just use your hands to mold the foil. 7. You can make any basic bread dough for this or you can use store bought dough. If you are using store bought dough stay away from biscuit dough and crescent rolls. It's too flaky and your cornucopia will break. The pizza dough and the French bread dough works best for this. You will need 3 (14oz) cans for the small cornucopia and 5 cans for the larger version. 8. Using a rolling pin gently roll out your dough so it's a little thinner. Roll in the opposite direction as well until you have a thin rectangle. About a half inch thick. 9. Cut your dough in to one-inch strips. If you are making the Rosemary version this is where you would sprinkle your rosemary on the strips and use rolling pin once more so the rosemary will press into the dough. 10. Spray foil with non-stick spray. If you want a simple flat look (like my rosemary cornucopia) just layer your pieces one by one so they are slightly overlapping. This dough does not expand much so you want to make sure there are no gaps between the pieces. 11. Keep wrapping the strips of dough until you completely cover the foil. And always remember to leave an inch of space at the top because it's easier to remove the foil once the bread is baked. 12. Now for the braided part of the cornucopia! You need to use three strips of dough and literally braid them together. If you don't have someone to hold the end of your braid it's best to braid the dough while holding it up in the air with one hand. 13. Wrap the braid around the top portion so it's your finished edge. 14. For the completely braided version continue braiding your pieces all the way down your mold. 15. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and while it's heating beat one egg with 1 tsp of water in a small bowl. 16. Brush your dough with the egg wash so it gets a shiny golden color when it bakes. 17. Now this has to go into the oven at 350 degrees for 20-35 minutes. Put all your racks down to the bottom so the cornucopia has plenty of room to cook. I know this is a big time frame but it depends on how large you made your cornucopia. The bread should be golden brown when you take it out of the oven. 18. Remove foil and fill with whatever you want! - Fruits, breadsticks, herbs, etc. 19. For the Chocolate version we start with the fully braided version and then once cooked, paint every other braid with chocolate paint (2 tbs. cocoa, 3 tbs light corn syrup) then fill it with chocolates. Get more from Jessie Jane here: