How to Tenderize Meats with Chef Curtis Aikens


Each ingredient is a natural meat tenderizer, no chemicals because everything is provided in nature. Idea behind it is that you can make your own and with flavor. Inexpensive cuts of meat and make them more tender. *Marinating is key and using NATURAL ingredients is important.

Dry rub (with dried fruit: 2 TB ground mango, pineapple, papaya) *tip: use organic dried fruit w/o chemicals (BBQ METHOD) Marinate overnight – dry rub can be day of Tip: slow cooking key to tenderizing Dry Rub Recipe 1 TB each: dried mango, pineapple & papaya ½ tsp each: garlic powder, Italian seasoning, herb d'provance (7 herbs) ¼ tsp season salt Pinch each of 3 peppers: black, white & red peppercorns *To dry the fruit: First, chop with sharp knife into small chunks. Lay out on baking sheet & cook on low temp for a long time (225 degrees F for 6 hours) or sun dried in hot areas. -Use a coffee grinder for blending dehydrated fruit -ADD other ingredients to grinder and BLEND together -small amount of salt keeps ingredients from sticking *Pierce meat with fork and let marinade. Get absorbed into meat. HOT GRILL – 7 minutes each side – 3 minutes each side – 2 minutes each side (24 minutes total – or longer if too rare)

How to Tenderize Meats with Chef Curtis Aikens

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