Halloween Candy Show-Stoppers

Candy Brains Ingredients:
• Chunky Applesauce
• Red Hot Candies • Cherry Jell-O • Gummy Candies Combine applesauce, Red Hots and Cherry Jell-O. Once bright red, stir in gummy candies and enjoy! Cotton Candy Tini
For 1 cocktail- if you'd like a full shaker double or triple the recipe.

• ½ oz pinnacle cotton candy vodka • ½ oz fusion liquor • 1 oz cranberry juice • 1 cotton candy tub or bag of fluffy stuff- purchased at any rite aid walmart or you can spin it fresh • Rock candy stick stirrers- pink or white *Combine all ingredients except the cotton candy in a shaker full of ice. Shake it and strain into martini glass filled with cotton candy. Watch cotton candy disintegrate right before your eyes.

Jackie Sorkin's Halloween Candy Show-Stoppers

You can purchase the glow in the dark sticks to make your cotton candy glow at