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Halloween Candy Show-Stoppers

Halloween Candy Show-Stoppers

Candy Brains Ingredients:
• Chunky Applesauce
• Red Hot Candies • Cherry Jell-O • Gummy Candies Combine applesauce, Red Hots and Cherry Jell-O. Once bright red, stir in gummy candies and enjoy! Cotton Candy Tini
For 1 cocktail- if you'd like a full shaker double or triple the recipe.

• ½ oz pinnacle cotton candy vodka • ½ oz fusion liquor • 1 oz cranberry juice • 1 cotton candy tub or bag of fluffy stuff- purchased at any rite aid walmart or you can spin it fresh • Rock candy stick stirrers- pink or white *Combine all ingredients except the cotton candy in a shaker full of ice. Shake it and strain into martini glass filled with cotton candy. Watch cotton candy disintegrate right before your eyes.

You can purchase the glow in the dark sticks to make your cotton candy glow at hollywoodcandygirls.com.

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