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Frank's Spaghetti and Clams

Frank's Spaghetti and Clams

Chef Luke Palladino of "Sinatra at Wynn Las Vegas" is making a mouth-watering Italian dish.
  • ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil
  • ½ cup soffritto (recipe below)
  • 4 cloves Garlic, minced
  • 1 cans San Marzano tomatoes
  • 8 Basil leaves
  • 2 each Fresh or dry bay leaves
  • Salt and pepper
Ingredients for Soffritto
  • 1 small onion peeled chopped
  • 1 small carrot peeled and chopped
  • 1 rib of celery chopped


1. Place chopped onion, carrot and celery in a food processor and pulse until fine.

2. sweat soffritto in olive oil until slightly caramelized. Add garlic and simmer.

3. add tomatoes, basil, bay leaves and season.

4. cook very slowly for 30 minutes.

5. Pass through food mill and cool.

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