DIY Turmeric Face Mask
A DIY from supermodel, Rachel Hunter.

To make the recipe:

1) First make a turmeric paste by rubbing turmeric on a coarse stone till you have enough paste.

2) Take fresh tulsi leaves and grind it into a fine paste using boiled water in a mortar and pestle till you get a smooth paste.

2) Add the turmeric paste to it and mix well to a smooth paste.

To use:

1) Apply a thin coating of this mixture on the face, wait for 10 to 15 minutes before washing off.

2) Continue using it for few days regularly.

*Regular use of this paste also reduces the scars left by acne.

*This paste can be refrigerated and used for 2 to 3 days.

More information:

Turmeric paste is an amazing ingredient to use for acne & acne scars, as they fight off the acne causing bacteria and has amazing health benefits for skin and face. Acne is one of the major cause for teenage stress. Acne affects both younger and older people alike, leaving us depressed and frustrated. Nowadays we get loads of on the counter medicines and lotions for acne and they are increasing day by day. Most of these creams have side effects like skin peeling, discoloration, sensitivity to sun, etc. We also can't use these products for a long time, as most of them contain steroids. If the condition is mild, you can safely and quickly treat it at home without leaving any scars on the skin. This recipe is made with fresh turmeric paste, as I feel it is very effective for treating acne. You can also use organic turmeric powder instead of the turmeric paste. This recipe also has got tulsi leaves/holy basil leaves. You can also use black tulsi commonly called "Krishna Tulsi" instead of green tulsi leaves/ holy basil leaves in the recipe. Turmeric and tulsi are a magic combination for acne and treats acne very quickly. Along with this mask, if you consume turmeric internally it will give good relief very soon. I used fresh tulsi leaves, but you can also use tulsi powder that you get in the markets instead of the fresh tulsi leaves. Please don't be afraid of trying this mask thinking that it will stain your skin, because once you wash your face with a mild soap it completely goes away. If you are using powders, mix it fresh everyday and make sure to buy good quality powders. This paste can be used to treat acne anywhere on the skin. 

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