Dean McDermott’s Crispy Reindeer and Snowmen Treats


Reindeer Treats:
1. Make crispy rice treats according to package instructions (should be about 1 inch thick). 2. Cut into triangles.
3. Mount on Popsicle stick or coffee stirrer and dip in dark chocolate.
4. Use red candies for the nose of Rudolph and brown candies for the others.
5. White icing for the eyeball and black for the pupil.
6. Use black decorating icing for the detail on the face.
7. Attach mini pretzel twists for antlers with frosting (you can also use regular size pretzels and break them in half for a more rustic antler).

Snowmen Treats:
1. Dip Nutter-Butters in white candy coating.
2. Remove with a fork and place on a cooling rack, allow excess to drip onto parchment paper.
3. Create eyes with black icing and a nose with orange (you can also use a piece of candy corn cut in half or orange Tic-Tacs).
4. Apply buttons with colored candies and create a scarf out of fruit leather or red vines.

create a hat for your snowman using fondant, black gumdrops, Oreos. Broomstick: make a broomstick using pretzel sticks and fruit roll snacks.

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