Coconut Tapioca with Blood Orange Granita

Coconut Tapioca with Blood Orange Granita
Season runner-up "Top Chef" contestant, Chef Shirley Chung is in the kitchen making this refreshing and mouth-watering dessert.


  • Tapioca 6oz
  • Coconut milk 10oz
  • Water 3 qt
  • Sugar 6 tbsp
  • Fresh passion fruit 4 each
  • Glucose syrup 4tbsp
  • Macha green tea powder 2tbsp
  • Orange 1 each
  • Lime 1 each


Soak the tapioca in cold water for 5 minutes, then boil 3 qt hot water, cook the tapioca in boiling water till it turn clear, strain the extra liquid , add coconut milk and sugar to tapioca, mix well. Clean passion fruit, mix the flesh and the seeds with glucose syrup and green tea powder together, freeze the mixture over night. Use a fork the scrape the ice, make granita. Zest the lime and orange into tapioca, segment orange and lime. Sprinkle sugar on the segment and caramelize the segments with a blow torch. To plate, spoon Tapioca into a small bowl, put citrus segments on top, 2 large spoonful of granita cover the top of the tapioca like snow cap.

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