Fake Awake Beauty Finds

Kym Douglas stops by to help you out when it comes to trying to look more awake in your everyday life!

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Monica Potter’s Gift Baskets

Actress Monica Potter assembles a beautiful Mother's Day gift basket filled with marmalade, muffins, bath products, and more for under $40! She teaches us how to make chocolate and sprinkle covered sugar spoons and shows us her homemade silk wreath. And, Monica updates us since her last visit on how her business is rebuilding in Ohio following a devastating fire. She's happy to report that she's hired three new women and has plans to move the company to Cleveland, possibly into her childhood home which just hit the market!

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Bethany Hamilton Interview

Pro surfer, author, and newlywed Bethany Hamilton reflects on her life in the 10 years since she lost an arm in a shark attack. Exuding positive spirit, Bethany takes pride in being a role model and is even grateful for the accident. Remarkably, less than a month after the attack, she was hitting the waves again and has gone on to become a professional surfer, recently winning her first pro title. In her new book, Bethany is hoping to inspire girls to take better care of their bodies and concentrate on having better posture. She also demonstrates some mat exercises.

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DIY Personalized Eye Chart Art with Jessie Jane

See if you have 20/20 vision by reading this DIY framed personalized eye chart. Jessie Jane hides messages in the letter arrangements with each line gradually decreasing in size. Careful not to squint.

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Teeny Lamothe Cooks Strawberry Basil Pie

Chef Teeny Lamothe decided to forego culinary school and instead traveled the country as an apprentice in bakeries nationwide. During her journey, she collected a large assortment of pie recipes. Today, Teeny makes her strawberry basil pie using fresh basil from the "Home & Family" garden. She explains why she uses certain ingredients, such as whole wheat flour and vodka, to make the crust flaky.

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Swoosie Kurtz Interview

Actress Swoosie Kurtz reveals that her unique name originates from an airplane her dad flew in World War II. Though she sadly had to say her final farewell to her beloved father years ago, Swoosie now dedicates time and love in being her 98-year-old mom's primary caregiver. She explains the challenges and rewards of caring for aging parents and shares some fond memories of her mom in better times. Swoosie tells us why now is the perfect time to release her memoir and credits all of her "Mike & Molly" cast mates for their support.

Natural Sleep Remedies

Sophie Uiano stops by to help you get a good night's sleep. She has a list of all natural remedies that will certainly help you out!

She recommends taking 1 tablespoon of dried Valarian, 1 teaspoon of lavender, 1 teaspoon of dried chamomile flowers, 1 teaspoon of dried capnip and 1 teaspoon of licorice root and using a pestle and mortar to crush and mix the herbs. After, let it steep for 5 minutes and serve with honey.

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Ali Landry Interview

Actress and entrepreneur Ali Landry is proud to introduce her new mobile app, She explains how great a resource this is for moms to find and rate the best baby products on the market. Users can search what goods are trending, by category, by brand, or by product. is a free app that allows you to favor (rate) the best products available on the market for new moms. Moms know their kids best, so let's give them the power to decide what their kids need. allows you to see those reviews. This app saves you time and money, offers convenience and variety, and limits unnecessary frustration. Personalize your profile to find products that are most useful to you.

Heather Thomson 

Yummie by Heather Thomson founder and CCO Heather Thomson updates us on the health of her young son Jax, whose struggles are partially chronicled on "The Real Housewives of New York City." Thanks to a life saving organ donation, Jax survived liver disease and has also battled a chronic lung condition. His latest challenge are receding eardrums that are causing hearing loss, but he has surgery scheduled to hopefully correct this. Aside from her family life, Heather tells us about the relationship dynamic fans can expect between the all the women this season. Plus, Heather introduces us to the latest pieces of apparel from her slimming collection of Yummie shapewear, including a three-panel tank, intimates, and more.