Sonia Manzano

Sonia stops by Home & Family to talk about playing the lovable character of Maria on the children’s classic, “Sesame Street,” a role she has been playing since 1971. Sonia also opens up about how the residents of Sesame Street are all there to share lessons to the world. She even shares about a storyline of divorce that was scrapped from the show because it didn’t test well with children. Now that Sonia is no longer on the show, she is focused on her writing and even published her first memoir, “Becoming Maria.”

No Bake Dome Cake - Home & Family

No Bake Dome Cake

Author and dietician Marlene Koch is making a guilt-free dessert in the Home & Family kitchen. The sweet treat is a no bake dome cake that is not only low in calories, but also low in sugar by adding natural flavors like coconut extract. This cake only takes 15 minutes to make. Marlene uses strawberries on her cake, but also explains that you can use any of your favorite berries that you want. The dish is a huge hit with Cristina.

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DIY Finalist: Gabbie McGee - Home & Family

Summertime Tablescape with Curl Ribbon Coasters

Dream Jobbing finalist, Gabbie McGee is visiting Home & Family and showing you how to make a summertime tablescape with curl ribbon coasters. The self-proclaimed DIY Diva jokes that she even puts her baby in her DIY projects. This DIY is perfect for the warm weather and the total cost is only $12.

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What Gifts Mothers Really Want

Catherine Belknap and Natalie Teller of Social Common stop by Home & Family to talk about perfect Mother’s Day gifts. The two ladies know a thing about Mother’s Day, considering they both have a combined total of seven children under the age of seven. They inform Mark and Cristina about BloomsyBox, which gives you monthly flower deliveries. Also, they recommend buying comfortable pajamas and simple jewelry that symbolizes your family.

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DIY CD Photo Cube - Home & Family

DIY Photo Cube

Matt Rogers is showing you a way to recycle those old CD disc cases, by turning them into a photo album. When it comes to actually putting the cube together, you will need four CD cases and your photos should all be trimmed down to 5 x 5 so they will fit perfectly. Best part about the cube is that you can just replace the photos as the seasons change.

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Kira Soltanovich Interview

The hilarious comedian visits Home & Family to talk about her new comedy special, “You Did This To Me.” The last time she was at the show, she was pregnant and now she’s the mother of two beautiful children. Kira filmed her special while she was seven months pregnant. She calls this stand-up special her other baby because she funded it all using crowdfunding.

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Allergy Testing in Children - Home & Family

Allergy Testing and Kids

Dr. JJ is back and talking about allergy testing. She explains that the most common allergies with children today is environmental and food-related. Before talking to your pediatrician about possible allergies with your children, you should provide your family’s medical history to make it more helpful to help diagnose. Direct Challenge Allergy test is the best test to find a food allergy and the second best is a skin prick test.

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DIY Puppet Show - Home & Family

DIY Puppets

In honor of Sonia’s visit, Orly Shani is making fun puppets for babies. First step is to get the stuffing the out of the stuffed animal using a small X-Acto knife. The hole you cut in the animal should be big enough to be able to stick your hand in. When it comes to making the stage, you can use a common cardboard box you might have around the house. This entire DIY will cost you only $5, as opposed to $200 if you bought it in a store.

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Taste Testing Milk Alternatives

Sophie Uliano is back in the kitchen revealing the new milk alternatives on the market. Asking the Home & Family guests to try each cup of milk to see which one they prefer. In the end, the pea milk is the most popular. She also introduces them to pressed almond milk and dairy-free creamers.

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