Memorial Day Tribute

In honor of Memorial Day and fallen soldiers, Home & Family begins the show with members of the United States Air Force, lead by the March Field Blue Eagles Honor Guard joining them. TSgt Damon Mazyck takes to the Home & Family deck to sing the National Anthem. After, the soldiers perform a flag-folding ceremony honoring fallen soldiers.

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Emma Slater and Keo Motsepe Perform

 “Dancing with the Stars 10 “ stars Emma Slater and Keo Motsepe talk about their famous dance partners throughout the show. The two are gearing up for their big tour. Keo and Emma pair up Cristina and Debbie, Kym and Sophie and Paige and Jason to take some lessons in basic dance skills. Emma points out that Jason and Paige are naturals on the dance floor.

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Texas-Style Hotdogs

TV Host of “Grill of Victory,” Kevin Roberts is behind the Home & Family grill to cook up some Texas-Style Hotdogs just in time for Memorial Day. Kevin says it was his mom and grandma that taught him to first operate a grill for a BBQ and he almost lit himself on fire! When grilling his hotdogs, he recommends adding barbecue sauce and pickleslaw for more flavor. He also advices to not apply pressure to the meat when it is on the grill, have patience. After you have completed a heavy meal, take a shot of apple vinegar to help aid in digestion and bloating.
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Shelley Regner Interview

Actress Shelley Regner sits down with Home & Family to talk about her hit movie “Pitch Perfect 2” and the wild success behind the movie, which brought in $70 million on its opening weekend! Shelley is really proud of this movie because it reaches out to everybody and has a strong message of female empowerment. When it came to filming the movie, they used 3,000 worldwide fans for the performance scenes.

DIY Vintage Flag Hanging

Tanya Memme finds a way to repurpose old cloths and scrap materials to make her own DIY vintage flag hanging, that makes for the perfect Memorial Day decoration. When you add beads, custom rings and accessories, it makes an additional personal touch.

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Pre-Wedding Stress

Dr. JJ is here to help out Paige and Jason with pre-wedding stress. She advises that the engaged couple should prioritize responsibilities so stress doesn’t pile up. Dr. JJ points out that Paige and Jason should be checking in on one another and to make sure the two are on the same page as the big day approaches. Also, never hesitate to ask family and friends for help if they offer!
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Digital Detox

Sophie Uliano and Kym Douglas team up to talk about how to give yourself a digital detox. Currently, 84% of people say they can’t go a single day without their phone. Sophie advises to start small, try to go an hour without using your phone or tablet. Place your phone in a baggie for an hour and stash it somewhere. Sophie also encourages you to spend more time with a friend and strike up a conversation.

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Makeover Monday

Debbie is back with Makeover Monday and today’s recipient is Elizabeth Castro, who was nominated for a makeover by her husband, George. George says Debbie served her county right out of high school and now she is a full time mother. Debbie points out that Elizabeth is a national hero. The makeover results put a big smile on Elizabeth’s face!

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