David Arquette Interview
Actor and Executive Producer David Arquette stops by to talk about his game show “Celebrity Name Game” which is hosted by Craig Ferguson. David also works on the show side-by-side with his ex-wife and business partner, Courteney Cox. The actor just recently welcomed a new baby boy with his fiancé and talks about life with his ten-year-old daughter, Coco. David is also in a new film “Just Before I Go,” a film directed by Courteney, which opens April 24th. Fun fact: David was Home & Family’s very first guest on the show!

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Getting Your Green On

Kym Douglas shows you how to prepare for St. Patrick’s Day by getting your green on. Kym showcases traditional Irish fare including Barry’s Tea, soda bread and black currant jam and Jacob’s biscuits. Kym also shows off Irish fashion like green dresses, named shirts, Irish caps, sweaters and United Kingdom kilts!

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Tot Squad

The owner of the Tot Squad Jennifer Beall talks about her company, which focuses on cleaning up after small children which helps keep them safe. Jennifer encourages parents to deep clean their children’s car seats every three months. As an example, Tanya lets the Tot Squad clean her daughter Ava’s car seat and the results are outstanding!

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“The Royals” Interview

Actors William Moseley and Alexandra Park talk about their upcoming series on E!, “The Royals.” The two actors open up about how great it has been working with such big names as Elizabeth Hurley and Vincent Regan. Alexandra says the hook of the show is that each character is relatable in one way or another. William sets the sneak peek up for Mark and Cristina to enjoy.

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Cauliflower, Chickpeas and Spinach Curry
Chef Jason Roberts joins Cristina in the kitchen to cook up his Cauliflower, Chickpeas and Spinach Curry dish. This is a meal that is rich in flavor but low in calories. Jason also suggests that you can add meat, rice or quinoa to the dish. Jason also talks about the charity he is close to, No Kid Hungry, as well.

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DIY Shoe Box City

Tanya Memme shows you how to recycle cardboard boxes into a little city by painting them and stacking them up. A fun project that you can do with your kids and the “city” can be done in less than an hour or can take up an entire day. Using construction paper, you can make roads for your “Shoe Box City.” It is a great way for kids to get creative!

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All About Feet

Podiatrist Dr. Bob Baravarian answers social media questions from Home & Family viewers. He offers advice to women who wear high heels, recommending insoles and performing foot exercises to help relieve the internal inflammation. When dealing with discomfort in the nerves of the toes, physical therapy will calm the pain. To ease the pain of bunions, which is a hereditary condition, you should wear softer, subtle shoes with a firm sole to help accommodate the deformity. If you consider surgery for bunions, know that you can be back on your feet in just a few days.

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Lessons in Tax Deductions

Consumer Reporter Jeanette Pavini gives you some pointers of what to look out for in tax deductions. She gives you a list of questions to ask your tax preparer.

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Makeover Monday

It’s Makeover Monday time and Debbie is back with Chicago resident Maria Garcia, who was nominated by her daughter, Stephanie. She  says her mother is the most selfless person she knows. Maria has battled cancer and put herself through college while her daughters were teenagers. Stephanie points that her mother never pampers herself and deserves the makeover. Everybody is floored by the final results. Maria will also be treated to a fancy dinner at Chicago’s Siena Tavern courtesy of Fabio Viviani! A special thanks to the Glam Squad: Darrell Redleaf, Adrina Mekertichian and Heather Zweigel.

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