Monday, July 25th, 2016

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Rachel York Interview

The actress/singer visits Home & Family to talk about her breakout stage role in the musical, “Grey Gardens,” which is currently playing at the Ahmanson Theater in Los Angeles through August 14th. The play is based on the 1975 documentary with the same name and Rachel even demonstrates some of her famous lines from the play for Mark and Debbie. She also talks about what it has been like starring alongside legendary Broadway actress, Betty Buckley.

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Transparent Chocolate Pie - Home & Family

Transparent Chocolate Pie

Pastry chef Rose Lawrence is in the Home & Family kitchen whipping up a delicious chocolate pie. She talks about how a health scare made her start finding healthy alternatives when it came to her ingredients. Her secret is adding sea salt to the finished pie to help enhance the flavors.

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DIY Kitty Masks - Home & Family

DIY Kitty Sleep Masks

Paige Hemmis is taking regular sleep masks and turning them into some fancy kitty masks by adding embellishments and even fun fake cat ears and fur. Paige points out that this entire DIY will only cost you as little as ten dollars.

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The Science of Microwaves - Home & Family

The Science of Microwaves

Dan Kohler is back in the kitchen talking about microwaves and how they work. He explains that microwave ovens cook food from inside out using radio waves. When it comes to radio waves, microwave ovens cause molecules inside food to vibrate and heat up. Dan also warns viewers at home to never place metal in the microwave, because that can cause a fire.

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Brandi Chastain Interview

Former member of the US Soccer team Brandi Chastain visits Home & Family to talk about her son’s recent diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease, which is an Inflammatory Bowel Disease. After the doctor told her the news, she wanted to do as much research as possible and what she learned is 1.6 million people have been diagnosed with IBD. She encourages others going through similar experiences to find a team of doctors and family members to help deal with the management of IBD. Reducing stress is also important for people diagnosed with IBD.

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Body Image in the Media

Best selling author and social media talkshow host, Nancy Redd leads a conversation about the importance of a positive body image at today’s Home & Family roundtable.

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Recycled Belts Wall Art - Home & Family

DIY Recycled Belts Wall Art

Ken Wingard decided to take some old belts and turn them into a work of wall art. He says you can find a collection of old leather belts at either thrift shops or asking family members if they have any old belts they plan on throwing out. When it comes to cutting the leather, he recommends using a rotary cutter to shape the belts. You can also use scissors, but it might not be as clean of a cut. This entire DIY will cost you less than $50.

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Home Cook Contest - Home & Family

Home Cook Contest

DreamJobbing co-founder Lisa Hennessy returns to Home & Family to talk about their new contest: Best Home Cook. You can now go to their website and find out how you can apply for a chance of a lifetime: being a featured chef on Home & Family!

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DIY Pool Noodle Summer Games for Kids

Kristin Smith is in the front yard showing you how much fun you can have with pool noodles. Today, she is making a fun pool noodle ring toss that kids and adults will love. This entire DIY will cost you around $70.

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