Monday, January 16th, 2017

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Cinnamon Pumpkin Pancakes - Home & Family

Sandra Lee Interview

Special guest Sandra Lee stops by Home & Family to talk about her life as a cookbook author and her show on the QVC. After her interview, Sandra heads to the kitchen where she makes cinnamon pumpkin pancakes, a recipe inspired by a restaurant she had them at in New York. She points out that her recipes are designed to save time and money in the kitchen by combining pre-packaged foods with fresh ingredients.

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Bottle Flip Challenge Update

Matt Rogers and his baby daughter watched their lives change when his bottle flip challenge video went viral on YouTube. Perez Hilton even accepts the bottle flip challenge! So far, Matt has raised $15,000 for Cystic Fibrosis.

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Amazon Top Sellers

Kym Douglas introduces you to the current Amazon top sellers. This includes a dog bowl where the food stays neatly inside it and a double wall thermo glass mug perfect for those on the go.

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DIY Organization Center - Home & Family

DIY Organizational Command Center

Paige Hemmis discusses the psychology of clutter and offers up a DIY to help with the problem. By creating an organizational command center, she points out it will help keep your life more organized and keep you up to date with your schedule. This is also a great project to get your kids excited about getting organized.

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Eden Sassoon Interview

Eden Sassoon from Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” visits Home & Family to talk about the reality show. Eden opens up about her sobriety and what it was like losing her sister Catya, in 2002 to an overdose. Eden also shares stories of growing up with having hair care mogul Vidal Sassoon as a father and reveals that she has even paid tribute to him by sporting his signature hairstyle.

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Cream Puffs - Home & Family

Cream Puffs

Chef and owner of Carrara Pastries & Carrara Kitchen, Damiano Carrara is in the kitchen baking up a delicious dessert, cream puffs. He explains that all you really need to make the pate a choux dough is flour, water, milk and eggs. You can also use this dough recipe to make eclairs, profiteroles and even savory pastries.

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Vitamin Organization - Home & Family

Vitamin and Medicine Organizing

Matt Iseman gives you some helpful pointers on how to stay more organized when it comes to vitamin and medicine organization when traveling. He recommends using contact lens holders to store your liquid medication and using pill organizers, as well.

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Undergarment Enhancement

Sandra Lee introduces you to undergarments that will flatter your figure. She hosts a fashion show to demonstrate just how the undergarments work.

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Citrus Plants for the Indoors - Home & Family

Best Citrus Trees for Growing Indoors

Shirley Bovshow is showing you the variety of citrus trees that you can grow indoors. This includes the dwarf sweet lime tree, meyer lemon trend dwarf kumquat tree. The ideal temperature for these trees is 50-80 degrees and she recommends misting the citrus tree and open your windows on milder days for air circulation.

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