Rhea Seehorn Interview

The actress visits Home & Family to talk about the return of her hit series, “Better Call Saul,” which has its second season premiere, Monday, February 15, 10/9c on AMC. Aside from talking about the show, she also opens up about her fiance and her new role of step-mom. She admits she never saw herself as a co-parent until now and she realizes just how lucky she is. She even jokes that it was her fiance’s ex-wife who set her up on a date with him!

Valentine's Day Pie - Home & Family

Valerie Gordon Bakes!

Owner of Valerie’s Confections, Valerie Gordon is in the kitchen with Cristina baking a mouth-watering Rhubarb Berry Valentine Pie. She admits that living in California, she has access to fruits almost all year long. If you live in a colder climate, you can buy rhubarb at the store frozen and it will just work just as well. Finally, she recommends never filling your pie with warm fruit because it will make your crust soggy.

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DIY Pop-Up Valentine's Day Cards - Home & Family

DIY Pop-Up Cards

Designer and blogger Joy Cho works on some very fun and easy DIY Pop-Up Valentine’s Day cards and shows you how to make them at home. Before getting started, she talks about her blog, which has 13 million followers. Her entire idea is to create joy in the every day, through DIY projects, gifts and decorations.

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Internet Scams - Home & Family

Internet Scams

Kristin Smith takes a trending topic and opens it up for discussion with the family members. She talks about the dangers of click-bait memes and quizzes on social media because they can contain viruses. Also be aware of what apps you download because you grant them access to your personal information. Change your privacy settings on social media, as well. If you feel you may have been scammed, always report the incident to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

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Britt Lower Interview

Britt Lower opens up to Mark and Cristina about her new FXX series, “Man Seeking Woman,” which airs Wednesdays at 10:30/9:30c. She brings a hilarious clip from the show for Home & Family to enjoy. Aside from acting, Britt also works with her mom for a face painting business. Britt has painted faces at various events nationwide.

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DIY Faux Fur Key Rings - Home & Family

DIY Key Rings

Orly Shani has a fun DIY for key rings, where the materials include faux fur, needle & thread, cotton balls, key ring and a chain. Orly’s DIY will only cost you $7 and explains some people are spending as much as $2,000 on them! When it comes to finding the fur fabric, the longer the fur the better, making it easier to work with.

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Health News Updates

Dr. JJ sits down with the family members to give them various health updates that you can find in the news today. From carseat safety to the Zika Virus, Dr. JJ breaks down the latest facts that we need to know.

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Style in a Box

Matt Rogers looks to Lawrence Zarian for some style tips. Lawrence suggests an online service that will deliver clothes to you and fit your style once a month. It is like having a personal stylist at the touch of your fingertips. Lawrence also provides Matt with three different styles of clothes that are both flattering and practical.

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President's Day Sales - Home & Family

President’s Day Deals

Jeanette Pavini breaks down the deals you can find during President’s Day weekend. She says be on the look out for sales on luggage, winter clothes and travel during the three-day weekend.

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