Monday, December 26th, 2016

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Loni Love Interview

The co-host of “The Real” visits Home & Family to talk about her talk show, which covers relatable lifestyle topics and returns with new episodes on January 5th. She also opens up about her life before television, including working at a auto plant in Detroit.

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Chocolate Creme Brûlée

Debbie is back in the kitchen, joined by Loni Love, making a delicious sweet dessert, chocolate creme brûlée. She gives you some helpful tips when preparing the dish, including to make sure the custard sets in the refrigerator until firm before finishing it off with the torch.

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How to Cure a Hangover

Kym Douglas and Dr. JJ are giving you some helpful tips on how to cure that holiday hangover. The women recommend balancing out your cocktails with non-alcoholic drinks. Before drinking, have a meal of carbs, proteins and fats. It is also important to avoid sweet and sugary “umbrella” cocktails.

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Time Capsules for the Family

Author and blogger, Meredith Sinclair has a great idea that the entire family can do together, a 2016 time capsule. She suggests using craft boxes, pain cans, oatmeal containers or Pringles containers for your capsule.

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Holiday Medley

Donny Most and the Donny Most Swing Band visit Home & Family and perform a holiday medley for the audience.

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The family members all gather around the discuss their New Year’s Day traditions.

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Cauliflower Pakora

Food Network’s Simon Majumdar is in the kitchen whipping up an Indian meal of cauliflower pakora. He also provides a recipe for his mint chutney, which he recommends serving with this dish.

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The Best After-Christmas Sales

Lawrence Zarian is giving you a list of where to find the best deals for after the holidays.

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DIY Breakfast-in-Bed Beanbag Tray

Paige Hemmis is wanting you to treat yourself more by showing you how to me make a breakfast-in-bed beanbag tray. The entire cost of this DIY is $20, opposed to $40 if you were to buy it in a store.

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