Today on Home & Family Kevin Sorbo We all know him as TV's "Hercules" and today, actor Kevin Sorbo stops by to talk with

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Kevin Sorbo

We all know him as TV's "Hercules" and today, actor Kevin Sorbo stops by to talk with Mark & Paige! While we know about his herculean exploits, what you may not know is that Kevin suffered three strokes while still working on the show. Kevin also talks to Mark & Paige about his grueling recovery and how he pushed himself to get back into god-like form! Plus, Kevin gives a plug for his Hallmark Channel Original Movie " The Santa Suit," which airs next Friday as part of Countdown to Christmas!

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Van Webster

In honor of the DVD release of Disney's "Brave," Mark wears a kilt! And, he and Paige also try their hand at archery! Archery expert Van Webster talks about one of the fastest growing sports in the world. And later, Mark, Paige and Kevin Sorbo pick up a bow and go for the bull's-eye! Learn more about archery training here:

Tanya Memme

DIY & Lifestyle expert Tanya Memme is back today to show us how to elegantly upscale our Thanksgiving table. Building of the Thanksgiving harvest theme, Tanya will teach us how to create a magnificent centerpiece using fruits and flowers. Plus, using Tanya's DIY tips, you can create your own designer centerpiece on a dollar store budget.

Stuart O'Keeffe

Celebrity Chef and resident "Home Made Simple" expert Stuart O'Keeffe is cooking up a storm today! Stewart brings a touch of the 'Emerald Isle' today with a traditional Irish Beef Short Rib stew. Stuart also brings in an extra taste of Ireland and teaches us how to make a classic Dublin dish, Colcannon Mashed Potatoes. And later, Stewart talks about his culinary roots and about moving from Ireland to Los Angeles to follow his own culinary dreams. Get more of Stuart's recipes and his Kitchen App here:

Dr. David Swanson

Psychiatrist and Author of "Help-My Kid is Driving Me Crazy" stops by today to teach us all how to keep our kids from manipulating us! Dr. Swanson talks about what he calls "17 tools of power" which he identifies as the most common forms of manipulation. Dr. Swanson also talks about the "Watch Method" which he says parents can use to "flip the script" on any child. Get more family advice from Dr. Swanson here:

Aaron LaPedis

Aaron LaPedis is living proof that "one man's trash is another mans treasure." Aaron made his first million at 25-years-old by selling items he bought at garage sales. Today, Aaron explains that yard sales are not just deposits of trash but can be treasure troves of valuable merchandise. Among Aaron's finds is a comic book he paid $.50 for that is now worth over $300! Aaron's tips are simple and may help you find some cash in your garage right now! Plus, Aaron gives you tips to bringing in the crowds and buyers for your next yard sale. Find out how you can turn junk into cash here:

Shirley Bovshow

Just because it's getting cold outside, doesn't mean it's time to forget your garden. Today, Garden Coach and Landscape Designer Shirley Bovshow is back to teach us how to make a worm powered compost bin. For this project, the seasonal timing is perfect, and creating compost now will give you great potting soil for spring planting. Plus, Shirley's tips can be done practically for free! Get more of Shirley’s garden tips here:

Emergency Preparedness

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, disaster and emergency preparedness has moved to the forefront of many of our minds. Today Mark & Paige welcome two emergency experts to teach us how to create a basic emergency kit for your home and family. Plus, we'll learn tips on making your own customized kit to meet your family needs. And later, we'll learn how to make an emergency plan and how to avoid the most common disaster mistakes.

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