Paige Hemmis is helping keep your shoes in one place with this DIY.


  • 1” x 24” wooden dowels (or desired length if bigger door)
  • Heavyweight, strong and sturdy material (table cloth, burlap)
  • Hot glue gun / hot glue
  • Fabri-Tac glue
  • Stapler
  • Canvas bags
  • Door wreath hanger
  • Ribbons
  • Buttons


1. You’ll want to start with your 1”x24” wooden dowel
TIP: If you purchase your wooden dowel at the hardware store, they will cut it to size for you.
2. Take your heavy-weight fabric and lay it out. Cut the width to be about 1” wider than your dowel on both sides.
TIP: Length of the fabric is dependent on your door size
3. Then, you’ll fold and glue in the fabric about an inch on each side, leaving the fabric to be the width of your dowel.
TIP: You’ll want to fold it in so that the ends don’t fray
TIP: You can use hot glue, Fabri-Tac or hem tape
4. Glue your fabric to the wooden dowel with hot glue AND Fabri-Tac.
5. Then, on the backside of the dowel, staple the fabric to it as well for extra security.
6. Roll over the fabric to hide the dowel.
7. Use hot glue AND Fabri-Tac to attach your canvas bags to the fabric
TIP: Space them out according to the size of the bags
TIP: Let Fabri-Tac set for 24 hours
8. Attach ribbon to the dowel with a stapler and hot glue gun, and use a door wreath hanger to hang your shoe organizer

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