Holiday Road Trip Essentials

Supermoms Orly, Maria, and Debbie share tips on how to have a memorable family road trip experience in the completely re-imagined 2020 Ford Escape.
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All the parents out there know that getting the whole family in the car and on the road can be a herculean task but super moms Orly, Maria and Debbie have tips that will help create a memorable holiday road trip experience for the whole family.

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  • Hand out Christmas socks and beanies for everyone.
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  • Create your own personalized cup for coffee or hot cocoa with a ceramic travel tumbler. Draw your design on the cup with permanent marker then bake in the oven for 30 min at 350* to seal.
  • Stackable bento boxes: link
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  • Christmas scavenger hunt game - have your kids check the box when they see that Christmas item on the road
  • “Our Moments” conversation starters - instead of the kids being glued to their phones or tablets, make meaningful conversation!
  • Car bucks - use as a prize for winning the game or incentive for good behavior. During the trip, kids can redeem them for treats.

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