Anthuriums are fun to give, fun to receive and fun to say.
Holiday Anthuriums - Home & Family


Anthuriums are from the tropics of South America, and while we most often see them potted in soil – that is not how they exist in their natural environment. They are epiphytes which means that they grow on the branches of trees and their roots systems are exposed to the humid tropical air. So it makes sense that planting them in traditional planting soil would be problematic for this plant – and why so many end up dead in the compost pile. Which is a shame because these are actually one of the most frequently gifted plants, and when cared for properly, they add greenery and bright pops of color to your home.


  • They like bright sunlight, but do not need to be right up against you window – so a room with southern or western facing windows is ideal.

  • They also require temperatures above 55 degrees Fahrenheit and below 85 degrees.

  • Providing additional ambient moisture with a mister or humidifier is helpful

  • Most importantly they require a soil that will keep their roots from rotting! And you can put together a great mix i call jungle soil yourself.

Jungle Soil “Recipe”


  • 30% potting soil

  • 20 % peat moss

  • 40% orchid bark

  • 10 % perlite


1. Mix the 4 ingredients in large bowl or bucket

2. Add to potted anthurium

3. Test moisture level with soil moisture gauge

4. Enjoy!

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