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Keep Your Kittens & Cats Healthy!
Happy is here to guide you on how to keep your cat and kittens healthy and safe! Treat your feline friend with the best of care for a long and healthy life with Happy’s important information. Read on!   

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Keep Kitty Warm All Winter Long
Be sure to keep your cat indoors during cold weather to keep them safe and comfortable. You can create a few warm nooks by keeping their bed off of the floor, and there are heating pads made specifically for pets!

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Keep Chemicals out of Paw’s Reach
If your cat is an explorer, be sure to keep antifreeze, batteries, cleaning products safely stored and out of reach. Even a small amount of these substances can be very harmful to your beloved cat!

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Healthy Teeth and Gums are Important
Plan for good dental hygiene as cats are susceptible to periodontal and gum disease. You can start brushing cat’s teeth as early as 6-9 months old but NEVER use human toothpaste! See your vet for a pet dental assessment.

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Weight Matters!
Owners need to make good food choices for their feline friends including high quality food that includes beneficial ingredients and leaves out toxic chemicals. Choose small, healthy snacks, and make time to play with your cat for exercise to keep them at a good weight.

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Even Cats Can Get the Blues...
Like humans, our furry friends can experience depression. Look for changes in behavior like excessive sleeping, lack of grooming or loss of appetite. A diagnosis can only be made by the veterinarian! Increasing your cat’s activity level and even pet playdates can help.

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Chip Chip, Hooray!
Although it's always best to have your pet’s collar on with tags including your address, home phone number and cell phone number, microchipping your cat will increase your chances of reuniting in case of separation during an emergency. By embedding a microchip with your contact information under your pet's skin, any veterinarian or animal facility will be able to identify the lost animal’s owners.

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Flea and Tick Prevention
These pesky creatures can bring diseases into your home. The best time to apply topical flea control is before fleas start laying eggs and biting your pets. There are many brands of topical flea and tick preventatives currently available. Your veterinarian can make a recommendation that is best for your pet!

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Grooming Basics
A little human TLC goes a long way in terms of grooming. Long haired cats can benefit from monthly baths and daily combing. Ear-cleaning pads are a great tool, and claw trimming is helpful as well. 

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Spaying and Neutering
By spaying or neutering your pet early in life you can help reduce the pet population of unwanted animals.