Friday, September 9th, 2016

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Osteen Family Interview - Home & Family

Osteen Interview

The husband and wife pastors from Lakewood Church, Joel and Victoria Osteen visit Home & Family to talk about the secrets to happy marriage and how to resolve conflict during the bumpy times. The two even share in their mutual belief in the power of prayer and recite their favorite passages from the Bible and how the importance of Christianity has played a part in their marriage. The two also have a special on Hallmark Channel, “America’s Night of Hope,” premiering September 11th, 10/9c.

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DIY Book Clock - Home & Family

DIY Book Clock

Ken Wingard is in the craft room showing how to turn a pile of old book boxes into a trendy clock. You can purchase book boxes used from your local craft store to save money. He even enlists in the help of Victoria Osteen to help him drill the holes in the boxes. Ken encourages you to get as creative as you want with the books, painting them any color you want. The entire DIY will cost you $25.

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Yakitori Chicken Meatballs - Home & Family

Yakitori Chicken Meatballs

Chef and actor Jake Smollett is in the Home & Family kitchen, whipping up some delicious appetizers, Yakitori Chicken Meatballs. Before getting started, Jake talks about his show business family and how they participate in his cooking show on Food Network, “Smollett Eats,” which airs Saturdays at 12:30/11:30c. One cooking tip Jake offers is to always have an onion, garlic and celery in your kitchen as a base for your recipes.

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Dining Room Makeover

Madeline Fraser of the Homee App is back to reveal her vision for the dining room makeover at Home & Family.

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Back to School Hairstyles that Dads Can Do

Celebrity hairstylist Dean Banowetz is here to show dads everywhere some easy hairstyles that you can do. Dean shows you how to part your daughter’s hair. He says to make sure you use a pointy object but nothing too sharp when creating the part. Dean also demonstrates the perfect ponytail and how to practice making a braid.

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DIY Gaming Chair - Home & Family

DIY Gaming Chair

Matt Iseman and Mark team up in the garage with a DIY for your man cave: an Arcade Gaming Chair. This DIY was inspired by Matt's love for video games. Matt points out that you can save money by finding a broken arcade game, since you will be gutting it, anyway. This entire DIY will cost you $150.

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Sweet Potato Bar - Home & Family

Sweet Potato Bar

Debbie is back in the kitchen and creating a sweet potato bar packed with all types of ingredients. She shows you how to bake a sweet potato perfectly before getting started with the toppings. From a Mexican-flavored sweet potato to an Indian-flavored sweet potato, Debbie has you covered!

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Ask Shirley

Shirley Bovshow sits down with Mark and Debbie to answer some of your questions for Facebook.