Friday, September 30th, 2016

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Queen Latifah Interview - Home & Family

Queen Latifah Interview

The actress/recording artist Queen Latifah sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about her work with the American Heart Association. She got involved with the organization after her own mother was diagnosed with heart failure. She also shares stories about her childhood of growing up in the projects. After her interview, Queen Latifah joins Debbie in the kitchen cooking heart healthy mac & cheese.

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DIY Photo Mosaic Projects

Orly Shani is showing you how to create your very own photo mosaic project. Today she is placing that photo mosaic onto a book bag using fabric sheets, digital file and iron.

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Ashley Williams Interview - Home & Family

Ashley Williams Interview

The actress visits Home & Family to talk about her new Hallmark Channel Movie, “Love on a Limb,” that premieres Saturday, October 1st at 9/8c. She also serves as executive producer of the movie which co-stars Trevor Donovan. She opens up about her personal life, including her husband’s very romantic marriage proposal on top of a mountain in Zion, Utah.

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Home Cook Finalist: Clara Young - Home & Family

Krazy Tuna Poke

The Home Cook Contest continues as finalist Clara Young stops by to make her famous Krazy Tuna Poke. She decided on poke because it is easy and has an Asian influence. It is also an easy recipe to make. She explains that you can substitute tuna with any type of grade-a fish, cooked shrimp, octopus or eggs. After you make the poke, you can serve it on its own, on a tostada, or an entree with rice.

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Mark Steines' Photography Tips - Home & Family

Fall Photography Tips

Avid photographer, Mark is giving you some helpful tips on how to shoot some beautiful fall colors. Some of his suggestions include setting your ISO to 100, your aperture should be set at F9 or higher and having no fear to get close to your subject in nature.

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Ask Matt and Kym

Kym Douglas and Matt Rogers team up to answer some of your questions from social media.

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Shirley Bovshow is showing you how to add some color to your garden by adding chrysanthemums. When it comes to planting the mums, they should be placed in full sunlight and if you are planting them during winter, use containers.

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Behind the Scenes

Shirley gives you a behind-the-scenes tour of how gardening segments get put together on Home & Family with the help of the producing and prop team.