Dylan Neal, Brennan Elliott and Colin Ferguson - Home & Family

Dylan Neal, Brennan Elliott and Colin Ferguson

“Cedar Cove” actors Dylan Neal, Brennan Elliott and Colin Ferguson sit down with Mark and Cristina to talk about a very special upcoming episode of their Hallmark series! The show will be dedicated to the Ford’s Warriors in Pink and centers around breast cancer research. Altogether, the program has raised $128 million dollars. They also talk about the “Good Days” program as another way Ford gives back to women with breast cancer. On a lighter note, the actors talk about this season of “Cedar Cove” and the love triangle between Jack, Olivia and Paul.
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Sweet and Sour Sauce - Home & Family

Sweet and Sour Sauce

Chef Greg Frey Jr. stops by to join Cristina in the kitchen to cook up his famous Sweet and Sour sauce. Greg is an Executive Chef at Golden Door and actually spends his spare time bee keeping and using their honey for his sauce. He says you can add the sweet and sour sauce on vegetables, but today he serves up some fish!

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Fall Fashion Accessories

Kym Douglas is here to show you the hottest fall accessories. Using the men of “Cedar Cove” as her models, Kym explains that scarves are always a good look. Tights and bags are also in style with the crisper weather. Don’t forget that fringe is in again, too!

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“The Doctors” Interview

Dr. Andrew Ordon from the show “The Doctors” talks about what to expect from the new season. Dr. Ordon gives some helpful tips to Mark and Cristina when it comes to an eye-brightening brew, and also suggests caffeinated tea bags as a way of getting rid of puffy eyes. Just avoid Earl Grey because that can be an irritant to skin. Dr. Ordon also talks about how seaweed can moisturize hands and soaking cloths in apple cider vinegar and placing them on unsightly veins will help make them less visible.
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Thomas Sadoski
Thomas Sadoski from the new CBS series “Life in Pieces” sits down with Home & Family to talk about what it is like working on the series. On the show, James Brolin and Dianne Wiest play his parents and the two enjoy improving their scenes. Before acting, Thomas made ends meet as a health club janitor and recalls a few nightmare stories from his theatrical days.
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David Meister’s Fashion Rundown

Fashion designer David Meister stops by to talk about the kind of red carpet fashion we are going to be seeing at this Sunday’s Primetime Emmy Awards show. David doesn’t think you will be seeing a lot of red because there was so much of it last year. David thinks we are going to see a lot of black dresses with major statement jewelry.

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Do It Yourself Commemorative Baseball Glove - Home & Family

DIY Commemorative Baseball Mitt

Ken Wingard Skypes in with a viewer, Donna Smith, who shares her story of losing her son to cancer two years ago. Donna’s son loved baseball and Ken volunteers to bronze her son’s baseball glove. Donna is moved to tears when she sees Ken’s final product.

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Game Day Snacks - Home & Family

Matt Rogers and Matt Iseman

The two Matts team up to show you how to make the perfect snacks for football Sundays. They recommend using skewers for your appetizers to avoid making a huge mess!

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Dr. JJ Talks Children's Asthma - Home & Family

Reducing Asthma Risks for Children

Dr. JJ opens up about how to reduce the risk of asthma in children, especially since September and October are peak-months when flare-ups in children occur. She suggests reviewing child’s asthma triggers with teachers and school nurse and giving an inhaler to your child as well as the child’s teacher.

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