Friday, September 16th, 2016

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Katee Sackoff Interview

The actress visits with Home & Family to talk about her series, “Longmire,” which has its season five premiere on September 23rd on Netflix. Katee opens up about how much she loves the new direction with her character, who is now stronger and more independent. She is surprised by a FaceTime appearance from Holly Lekas, her former high school principal who Katee credits for helping her to believe in herself and pursue her dreams of acting.

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Releasing Toxic Friends

Kym Douglas and Kristin Smith host a Home & Family roundtable to share their stories of toxic friendships and what they did to release these people from their lives.

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Best Home Cook Contest - Home & Family

Home Cook Contest

Judges Kym Douglas, Shanti Hinojos and Dan Kohler introduce you to three new semi-finalists for their Home Cook Contest.

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Getting Plants Ready for Cold Weather - Home & Family

Bringing Your Plants Indoors

Shirley Bovshow is talking about which plants you should bring indoors during the cold season. She explains that plans like tropical hibiscus, birds of paradise and rosemary all need to be brought inside before frost sets in. Make sure you use water to kill bugs on edible plants. Also, place the plants in the sunniest place in the house.

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Michelle Ang Interview

The actress talks to Mark and Debbie about her web series, “Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462” which covers the earliest moments of the hit AMC series, “The Walking Dead.” She even talks about walking the red carpet for the Creative Arts Emmys while being very pregnant. She also talks about her project, For Izzy, which focuses on recovery from addiction and adult autism.

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Station 29 Chicken Casserole - Home & Family

One Pan Nan

Nan Kelly is in the kitchen cooking one of her favorite dishes, Station 29 Chicken Casserole. The whole idea to create an easy recipe so families have more time to spend at the table. The dish is named after the Nashville fire station where the recipe originated.

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Addressing Dog Behaviors

Dog behavior specialist Brett Endes is sitting down with Dr. JJ to talk about her dog, Bill and his recent behavior problems of marking the house. Brett suggests she take the dog to the the vet to make sure he doesn’t have any medical issues that make him mark his territory around the house. Brett also gives Orly advice about her dog, Cali, telling her she needs a more calm and structured environment.

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DIY Placemat Purse - Home & Family

DIY Placement Clutch

DIY Star Amber Kemp-Gerstel is back and she is making a placemat clutch, using a kitchen placemat. She recommends using fabric glue to hold the placemat and the embellishments together. The best part about this DIY is that it requires no sewing and will only cost you $5.

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Retirement Planning

Bob Gunia of Physicians Mutual sits down with Home & Family to talk about planning your retirement.

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Fall Jackets

Lawrence Zarian is revealing some of the hottest looks in jackets. He also answers a few questions from viewers on Facebook.

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