Kristina Wagner Interview - Home & Family

Kristina Wagner Interview

Actress Kristina Wagner stops by Home & Family to talk about her new role as Nora on Hallmark Channel’s Original Series “When Calls the Heart.” In real life, Kristina is starring alongside her real life ex-husband Jack Wagner. The couple originally met when they were co-stars on “General Hospital.” Kristina admits she and Jack went through therapy to resolve years of anger and resentment and now have a great relationship as friends and co-stars.
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Knock-Out Grad Gifts

Kym Douglas and Matt Rogers team up with ideas for the perfect gifts for graduating students. They recommend the following items:

Dobbs Tiffany-Style Charm Bracelet with Disc or Heart $99
Dobbs Sterling Money Clip $65
Martian Smart Watch from QV $129
Polaroid Cube $99
Jill Career Bag $189
Jack Laptop Bag $239

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Focaccia with Onion, Rosemary and Thyme - Home & Family

Focaccia with Onion, Rosemary and Thyme

Baker and author Erin McKenna is in the Home & Family kitchen baking up a delicious focaccia bread. Erin’s golden rule is to always bake gluten-free and vegan. She emphasizes to always make sure your flour is gluten-free when buying the ingredients! In the end, her bread is a hit!

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Chris Harrison Interview

The host of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about his latest venture as a romance novelist! His new book “”The Perfect Letter” is on bookshelves now. Chris also takes the time to answer some Facebook questions from fans. Chris says there is a lot of hanky panky behind the scenes of the show, especially this season. As far as having a season that has older bachelors and bachelorettes, Chris says that won’t happen because the show takes too much energy and jokes that even at his age of 43, he needs naps in between takes!

Mark’s Photographs from Iowa

Mark took a vacation back to his home state of Iowa last weekend and now is back to show off his photos and provide new photography tips! Mark shot his goddaughter’s wedding while away and shows off the amazing scenic shots of the ceremony. He demonstrates how to shoot lowlight in a setting that doesn’t provide a lot of natural light. He encourages people to shoot in raw file, because it allows you many ways to fix the photo after.

How to Train Climbing Roses - Home & Family

How to Train Climbing Roses

Shirley Bovshow shows you how to train climbing roses that can reach anywhere between five feet tall to twenty feet tall! You can’t just place a rose against a wall and hope it grows up; she advises opening up your rose, first. Tie your main rose cane up against a grid that has been placed on the wall and if you place it horizontally, more stems will grow, creating more roses. Make sure you water your flowers every single day in the summer.

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Knee Injuries and Chronic Pain

Matt Iseman MD talks about how to curb your risk of falling and getting knee injuries. He says too much rest can weaken your muscles which can worsen your joint pain, if you already are experiencing it. Exercise those joints so you can build strength. Cushioned insoles can reduce stress on your knees. Flexibility and stressing can also go a long way when it comes to helping your joints.

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Do It Yourself Cabinet Upgrades - Home & Family - Video

DIY Cabinet Upgrades

Ken Wingard is in the Home & Family kitchen to show you how to save a lot of money by providing your own cabinet upgrades. Cabinets can get chipped paint, loose hinges and peeling paint. Ken advises to peel or cut off loose coating and do not sand through the coating. Afterwards, do a light sanding over the vinyl, evening out the edges, then paint over with a primer. Priming is very important for durability. When painting cabinets, choose colors outside the box to make it more current.

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Men’s Summer Fashion Solutions

Lawrence Zarian is back to help out the guys when it comes to summer fashion. Matt Iseman needs help with perspiration. Lawrence advises him to get Botox under the arms to stop the sweating because it shuts down the sweat glands. For a cheaper route, use clinical strength antiperspirant and by applying it at night, you get a more lasting effect. For fashion, go for the boxy and loose cut when it comes to clothes, making it easier for the fabric to breathe. Finally, a great pair of sunglasses is a way to upgrade your fashion style this summer.

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Avoiding Charity Scams

Consumer Reporter Jeanette Pavini gives you the signs to look out for when it comes to charity scams. She says that scams will use names that closely resemble a reputable organization to get your attention. Also, be extra-cautious after natural disasters. Never wire transfer money to a charity. 7 out of 10 charities spend at least 75% of their budget on the actual programs. She also provides some helpful links to help you research reputable charities.