Candace Smith Interview - Home & Family

Matchmaking with Candace Smith

Candace Smith from “Millionaire Matchmaker” visits Mark and Cristina to talk about matchmaking. Candace jokes that she has been doing this kind of work since she was a kid! Candace emphasizes that body language is an important part of being approachable, and to pay attention to the kind of company you keep. She then centers her attention on Mark and gives him some dating pointers.

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How to Keep Love Alive
Kym gives you tips on how to keep love alive and that means not waiting for Valentine’s Day to be spontaneous. The Smell and Taste Research Foundation conducted a study and discovered that the combination of lavender and pumpkin have the most arousing effect on lovers! Finally, Kym’s biggest love tips are: don’t fix the bad, increase the good, when alone with your partner try to pretend it is your first date and finally ban the peck! Replace that chaste no-effort lip grace with a ten second smooch. Kym’s motto: Make every single kiss a little bit of bliss. She also introduces Smittens, which are gloves for hand holders.

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Roasted Baby Fennel Gratin with Shaved French Ham and Shaved Fennel - Home & Family

Roasted Baby Fennel Gratin with Shaved French Ham and Shaved Fennel Salad

Nathan, the recent winner from “MasterChef Junior” cooks in the Home & Family kitchen with Cristina as his assistant. Nathan shares that it was his grandmother who first taught him to cook in the kitchen. Before getting started, Cristina shows highlights from Nathan’s time on “MasterChef Junior.”

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Laura Marano Interview

Actress from the Disney Channel’s first TV movie “Bad Hair Day,” Laura Marano sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about her upcoming movie. Laura also stays busy acting on the Disney Channel’s “Austin & Ally” which premieres March 28th. Laura talks about first breaking into acting and how her mother was very reluctant at first but after Laura landed her first agent, her mother realized her daughter really could have a career in acting.

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Do It Yourself Colored Foam - Home & Family

Do It Yourself Colored Foam

Tanya Memme shows how to make your very own colorful foam, which makes for a very fun project to do with your kids. Cristina and Mark join in on the foam-making fun! The more you stir the solution, the bigger and fluffier the foam gets!

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Couples Communication

Psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser talks about the importance of couples communication. People fight the most about their children, relationship and money. Holding something in can result in non-verbal cues like an eye roll, tapping foot or gritted teeth. Focus on the present and it only takes one person to make a change in the relationship. Always keep the lines of communication open with your partner, even if that means you are initiating it.

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Natural Hot Flash Remedies - Home & Family

Natural Hot Flash Remedies

Sophie Uliano talks about natural remedies to help women with hot flashes. Drinking sage tea can lead to 85% fewer hot flashes. Keep hot flashes under control by cutting back on dairy, sugar and saturated animal fats. Banish a hot flash by breathing 6-8 deep breaths per minute and exhaling slowly. Melon, strawberries, pineapple and mango are things you want to increase in your diet when experiencing hot flashes. Lusome pajamas are made with a special material that allows moisture management and Sophie highly recommends them. 

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Tax Tips - Home & Family

Making the Most of Your Tax Return

Consumer Reporter Jeanette Pavini talks about how to manage your tax return this year. She advises taking the return and applying it for something towards the future. Use your return to pay off some of your credit card debt, make an extra mortgage payment or take that money and enroll in a class. Finally, conduct an energy audit of your home. Jeanette always encourages consumers to check out ways to save money with bills and go onto websites like

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Ask the Family

The family members answer questions on social media. Kym advises crushed pineapple, yogurt and white sugar as the perfect scrub for your feet, Sophie tells viewers to be modest when it comes to essential oils, one to two drops because most oils are so potent but if you are pregnant stay away from essential oils together. Finally, Jeanette advises users to look at interest when it comes to placing your money into savings and to really look at credit unions because they usually pay the most.