Friday, June 10th, 2016

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Rachel Boston Interview - Home & Family

Rachel Boston Interview

The actress stops by Home & Family to talk about her upcoming Hallmark Channel Original Movie, “Stop the Wedding,” which premieres June 11th, 9/8c. Rachel also opens up about how close she is to her family, just recently celebrating her grandma’s 98th birthday with all of them. She also talks about how she loves the idea of hope and happy endings, which is why she loves making Hallmark Channel movies.

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Yummy Spoonfuls

The co-founders of Yummy Spoonfuls are in the Home & Family kitchen discussing their business venture, which was established in 2006. Camila Alves and Agatha Achindu talk about how the idea behind the company was to create nutritious and delicious pre-packaged meals for babies, set in three stages. All ingredients are natural and are good for adults, too.

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DIY Polka Dot Fashions - Home & Family

DIY Polka Dot Fashions

Orly Shani is taking a look right off the runways by showing you how to make your polka dot dress. She recommends using Jacquard paint for your fabric paint. When she is done, she mentions that this entire DIY will cost you as little as ten dollars, as opposed to thousands of dollars at a retail shop.

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Paul Mitchell Systems

John Paul DeJoria of Paul Mitchell Hair Care talks about how he first launched his company with only $700 and now he runs the largest privately owned hair care company in the world. Now John Paul has developed a product that takes on cold sores using botanicals. The Aubio Hydrating Lip Therapy works because it moisturizes, soothes and protects lips and is all plant-based.

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Festive Summer Cocktails - Home & Family

Festive Summer Cocktails

Molecular mixologist Rob Floyd is whipping up some cocktails with Debbie in the kitchen. Rob just got back from China where he hosted a “Cocktail Theater,” a traveling show where he educates and entertains the audience with his molecular cocktails. His drinks are a big hit with the family members.

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DIY Nail Polish - Home & Family

DIY Nail Polish

The Painted Nail’s Katie Cazorla shows you how to create your own nail polish pigment using old makeup. She says you always start with your base coat before adding the pigment. When creating the color, she encourages you to have fun and get as creative as you want. Debbie mentions that this would be a great DIY to do at your next teenager sleepover.

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DIY Mosquito Repelling Container Garden - Home & Family

Mosquito Repelling Container Garden

Shirley Bovsow is back and giving you some tips on how to control mosquito season as the weather starts getting warmer. If you want to keep mosquitos out of your backyard, start planting rosemary, lemon-scented geraniums, marigolds, catnip, lavender, basil, lemon balm and peppermint.

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Delicate Jewelry

Debbie is introducing you to some beautiful jewelry that all the trendsetters are wearing. This includes everything from delicate necklaces to chunky and stacked earrings.

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Ask Lawrence

Everybody’s favorite fashion expert, Lawrence Zarian sits down to answer some of your viewer questions.