Friday, July 6th, 2018

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Danica McKellar Visits

Hallmark Channel star and author Danica McKellar sits down with Debbie and guest host Kavan Smith to talk about her new books, “Bathtime Mathtime” and “Do Not Open This Math Book.” She hopes that the books are so much fun that kids and parents will want to dive right into reading them. If you order her books between now and July 9th, you can get some extra goodies when you make your purchase at

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Salmon Ceviche

Chef Daniel Green is in the kitchen preparing a delicious salmon ceviche. Instead of serving it with tortilla chips, he pairs it with endives. He also adds a homemade avocado puree to the top of the ceviche. Once you are done, you should immediately refrigerate the dish because it is seafood.

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DIY Seashell Chandelier

Ken Wingard is bringing the beach to you by making a DIY seashell chandelier. Before getting started, he recommends using a white chandelier because it is will be easier to see what places you missed when attaching the shells. You can find a used chandelier online or buy a new one at a hardware store. He encourages you to use a variety of colors and shapes of seashells for creativity, just remember to clean them beforehand with water and bleach.

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Summer Pet Solutions

Larissa Wohl is giving you tips on how to help your pets during this summertime heat. This includes not keeping them in a parked car and testing the heat of the asphalt before allowing your dog to walk on it. She recommends putting frozen bandanas around your dog’s neck when it gets too hot out and making your own frozen treat freeze with water and chicken broth for the dog to lick.

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Grilled Creamsicle Cake

Chef Gesine Bullock-Prado is outside grilling up a delicious dessert with cream cheese frosting. As she is cooking, she talks about her life before becoming a chef, when she ran an entertainment studio in Los Angeles. Then she and her husband moved to Vermont so she can pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a professional baker. The two also opened up a cooking school, as well. You can also catch Gesine every Sunday on Food Network in “Baking in Vermont.”

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DIY Flamingo Totes

Orly Shani is taking color felt and adding it to a beach bag to make it a decorative flamingo tote. When she is done, she gives a tote to guest, Danica McKellar.

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Protect Your Digital Brand

Speaker and tech lifestyle expert Stephanie Humphrey is visiting Home & Family to discuss how to protect your digital brand. She explains that your online reputation is attached to your personal brand, therefore you should strive for a lasting, positive digital footprint. She also recommends creating a family contract with your children and update it frequently.

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DIY Gingerbread House Place Settings

Using cardboard, Maria Provenzano is showing you how easy it is to make your own gingerbread house place settings. She recommends using an x-acto knife instead of scissors to make your cuts less messy. Attach the gingerbread houses together using hot glue in place of frosting. This is also a great project you can do with the whole family!

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Sweat Proof Beauty

Debbie Matenopoulos is introducing you to some great beauty products that help fight sweat at the same time.