Andree Vermeulen Interview

Actress Andree Vermeulen visits Home & Family to talk about her satirical police procedural comedy, “Angie Tribeca,” which premieres Sunday, January 17th, 9/8c on TBS. Andree plays on a recreational basketball team called the “Lucille Ballers” which is made up of all comedians. She laughs that their team may not be that good, but they do have a lot of fun. She even sustained a black eye once while playing!

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Chef Rocco DiSpirito Cooks! - Home & Family

Rocco DiSpirito Cooks!

Chef Rocco DiSpirito is in the Home & Family kitchen talking about his healthy transformation and weight loss secrets. The information can be found in his latest cookbook, “The Negative Calorie Diet.” Rocco talks about foods that are negative calorie foods, including almonds, apples, celery, leafy greens, mushrooms and citrus fruits. Rocco and Cristina team up to make a healthy dish of Meatballs with Mushroom and Spinach Gravy.

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DIY Love Letters - Home & Family

DIY Love Letters

Tanya Memme has the perfect DIY for Valentine’s Day. She points out that this DIY Love Letter is a creative way to express your love to your boyfriend or girlfriend. All you really need is canvas, letters, paint and glue. The entire DIY will cost you under $20 and if you were to buy it in a retail shop, it can cost up to $500!

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McKinley Freeman Interview

The actor sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about the VH1 series, “Hit the Floor” which airs Mondays at 9/8c. He brings a highlight from the show, which Cristina calls her favorite scene from the episode. Aside from acting, McKinley practices multiple martial arts including Bojuka, Jeet Kune Do and Muay Thai. The actor also enjoys writing poetry and has self-published two e-books.

Refinishing Coffee Tables - Home & Family

Refinishing Coffee Tables

Ken Wingard shows you how to refinish an old coffee table and help it to look brand new again. He reminds you that when sanding, wiping and finishing, always go with the grain of the wood. Make sure you wipe down the dust and grit from the table before applying a coat of the stain and feel free to apply as many coats as you want.

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Shirley Bovshow's Weight Loss - Home & Family

Ask Shirley

Shirley Bovshow talks about her weight loss journey. Losing over twenty pounds in seven months, she credits it to changing her eating habits, avoiding pre-packaged foods and using smaller plates for her food. She also increased her physical activity, as well.

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Monster Jam Trucks

Matt Rogers joins four-time Monster Jam World Champion Dennis Anderson to talk about the upcoming monster truck tour. Cristina surprises Matt’s boys, Brayden and Mason with an exclusive tour of the Monster Jam truck and meeting Dennis in person! Dennis points out that the Monster Jam is fun for all ages and a great way to spend more time with your kids.

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Poncho Fashion

Lawrence Zarian talks about how ponchos are fashionable, again. He shows you how you can take a regular poncho and turn it into one of the most fashionable items in your closet. He even stages a fashion show featuring the family members.

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Green Your Anti-Aging Beauty Regimen - Home & Family

Green Your Anti-Aging Beauty Regimen

Sophie Uliano is here to give you some tips to add more green to your anti-aging regimen. She recommends more vitamin C, retinol and acids such as AHA/BHA. She goes on to explain how these ingredients refine, polish and thicken the skin to help prevent premature wrinkling.

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