Taylor Cole Interview - Home & Family

Taylor Cole Interview

The actress sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about her Hallmark Channel Original Movie, “Appetite for Love,” which premieres Saturday at 9/8c. Taylor had to actually film with real life cows and the actress brings a funny highlight from the film to prove it. Taylor talks about how she was inspired by Lori Loughlin when they met on Taylor’s first television series, “Summerland.”

DIY Valentine's Day Resin Coasters - Home & Family

DIY Valentine’s Day Resin Coasters

Tanya Memme decided to make fun coasters and teach Ava how to use them, while also incorporating a lesson about good table manners! Before starting this DIY, remember it takes two days because you need to insure the resin is completely dry. Have fun and be creative when it comes to colors and decorative elements.

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Black Miso Cod

“MasterChef Junior” winner, Addison Osta Smith is in the kitchen with Cristina preparing Black Miso Cod. Before getting started, she talks about how amazing the experience was, especially since she is only nine-years-old and the first girl to ever win on the show. The pint-sized chef first took a liking to cooking when she was only three! The dish is a big hit with Home & Family.

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DIY Button Wall Art - Home & Family

DIY Valentine Button Wall Art

Kenneth Wingard shows you how to create button art! He recommends using heavy watercolor or art paper, remember that extra textures add dimension. Don’t be afraid to experiment with sizes, shapes, colors, buttons, paper and thread. This DIY makes for a great personalized Valentine’s Day gift and can cost you anything from $0 to $20.

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Denise Austin Cooks - Home & Family

Healthy Big Game Snacks

Lifestyle and health expert, Denise Austin is in the kitchen showing you some healthy snacks you can prepare for the big game on Sunday. Her recipes are straight from her ten day plan available online. She shows Home & Family how to make a flatbread pizza loaded with vegetables and takes carrots, celery, or baked pita chips and pairs it with a delicious and healthy white bean dip.

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Hip Hop for Children

Chris La Vrar loves teaching children hop hop and raps about anti-bullying, healthy eating and personal safety issues. Chris explains that kids learn by repetition, so when they listen to his rap, they also learn his message. He even spits a little of rap game for the audience, including the front row of kids who join in on the song.

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Wholesale Shopping 101

Jeanette Pavini breaks down wholesale shopping and why you should look into it. She reminds you that pennies add up, which is why this topic is important. She recommends buying gift cards to the movies and a variety of restaurants and save up to 20% by going to a wholesale store. If you are looking for tires, you can get a great deal shopping wholesale. Finally, Jeanette reminds you to always look for coupons.

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Ask Ken

Ken Wingard sits down to answer some of your Facebook questions.

Supplements vs Whole Foods - Home & Family

Supplements vs. Whole Foods

Sophie Uliano beaks down the safety issues about various supplements, especially because not all of them need to be regulated by the FDA. Sophie recommends going to your doctor to ask more questions about your supplements to make sure they are safe for you. Sophie suggests people add flax seeds and walnuts to your diet, which are full of omega fatty acids and replacing your digestion supplements with foods high in fiber.

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