Karina Smirnoff Interview

Author Karina Smirnoff talks to Mark and Cristina about her new book, “We’re Just Not That Into You” which is available in bookstores now. Karina opens up about her personal dating life. Cristina wants to know if it is more difficult dating celebrities or non-celebrities and Karina tells her that they are all men, with similar traits. Karina advises a single Mark that he should always be respectful and be conversational on the first date, which is something he has no trouble with!

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Gram’s Fried Chicken

Cristina Cooks!

Dave Nelson from Lincolnton, North Carolina Skypes in with Cristina to help her cook his Taste of Home recipe, “Gram’s Fried Chicken.” His secret ingredient is potato flakes to add an extra crispiness to the chicken.

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Black and White Fashion

Black and White Fashion

Lawrence Zarian is back and ready to talk fashion. Black and white are a perfect combination and they work with all body types. Lawrence thinks the gladiator sandal is a must-have for women this season. The style expert says that the wide-leg pants look is back and the classic black sneaker is another must-have in your closet!

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Do It Yourself Pillow Mat

DIY Pillow Mat

Tanya shows how how to make a pillow mat! All you need are some pillowcases, pillows, buttons, and ribbons. The mat is easily washable, just remove the pillows ahead of time. The pillow mat is kid-tested, dog-tested, and cat-tested. All approve of the comfortable place to lay down.
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Rick Harrison Interview

Rick Harrison Interview
Rick Harrison from the History Channel’s “Pawn Stars” talks about his love for finding treasures at pawn shops. The owner of Gold and Silver Pawn Shop brings in a clip from his reality show and shows you how to bargain for a good deal at a pawn shop. The family members from Home & Family bring Harrison various antiques hoping he can sum up their value.

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Dr. Evan Antin Talks Exotic Animals

“Beast Charmer” Dr. Evan Antin talks about keeping exotic animals as pets in your home. He emphasizes that everybody needs to do research before adopting an exotic animal. Study up on diet and natural habitat before considering taking an exotic pet home. To Evan, exotic is any animal that is not a dog or cat. Evan treats exotic animals from all over the world, including cobras, vipers, turtles and monkeys. Evan even brings an alligator to the show for Mark and Cristina to see close-up!
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How to Combat the Stomach Flu

How to Combat the Stomach Flu

Matt Iseman joins Sophie Uliano to talk about the stomach flu and how to treat yourself when you have it. When you get the flu, rest because your body needs it! Avoid caffeine, dairy, spicy foods and high fat foods, since those can make you feel even worse. Sophie recommends ginger root to help ease cramps and nausea. You have to drink your electrolytes since your body is losing them during the flu. Rice water is the healthy way to replace lost electrolytes.

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Ask Shirley!

Shirley is back to answer questions from Facebook. She advises multilayering when it comes to plants to trick the eye in space and depth. You can give your plants more space by buying hanging plants, instead of ones that grow in the ground. When it comes to growing your food, start with tomatoes, cucumbers, and eggplants, because they help maximize your space when it comes to planting.

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Debbie’s Favorite Apps for New Moms

New mom Debbie has her list of favorite apps that you can download to your tablet or smart phone that will help make parenting a whole lot easier.

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