Paul Greene Interview - Home & Family

Paul Greene Interview

The handsome actor sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about his Hallmark Channel Original Movie, “Anything for Love,” which premieres February 14th at 9/8c. He even brings a clip from the movie for Home & Family’s audience to enjoy. Paul opens up about his family and how close he was to his late father, who passed away from ALS. Now, Paul works closely with the nonprofit, Artists Lend Support that raises money and awareness for the neurological disorder. Paul continues the tradition of a close father/son relationship with his own son, Oliver.

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Pancake Lasagna - Home & Family

Pancake Lasagna

The Executive Chef and Owner of Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese, Eric Greenspan is in the kitchen making the ultimate breakfast he calls the Pancake Lasagna. This delicious recipe is one of Eric’s signature dishes and he and calls it the perfect breakfast for someone who wants both sweet and savory in the meal. He calls his Pancake Lasagna “healthy for the soul.”

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Sterling K. Brown Interview

Sterling visits Home & Family to talk about what it is like playing Christopher Darden in the FX mini-series, “The People vs. OJ Simpson,” which airs Tuesdays, 10/9c. The actor recalls what is was like watching the trial in real life, when he was a freshman at Stanford University. 20 years later, Sterling now understands more of what Christopher Darden was going through while serving as a prosecutor on the case.

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DIY Story Stones - Home & Family

DIY Story Stones

Tanya Memme shows you how to create your story stones with images from your child’s favorite reading book. She enlists in the help of Paul to tell his own story using the stones. This DIY inspires creativity and is fun for families to do together. This DIY will cost you only $5 compared to $25 at a store.

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Psychic Matchmaker

Deborah Graham talks about how she reads people’s energy to help them find their perfect mate. Her show, TLC “Psychic Matchmaker,” follows Deborah as she approaches strangers that she feels are ready for a relationship. The psychic offers to help Tanya Memme find her ideal mate out of a selection of bachelors. Tanya meets the prospective suitors and narrows it down to one to go on a date with.

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DIY Heart Table - Home & Family

DIY Heart-Shaped Side Tables

Matt Rogers and Mark team up in the craft room to make a DIY Heart-Shaped Side Table and show you how you can make one at home. Matt is making the table for his wife and uses “Early American” color for the stain because it is not too dark. Make sure you have the legs match identically when placing them under the table.

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Creating for Hallmark Cards - Home & Family

Meet the Sprays

Tuesday and Justin Spray stop by Home & Family to talk about their jobs as Hallmark artists. The married couple were set up by friends and sparks flew. They both eventually landed jobs at Hallmark Cards and their first campaign they worked on was for Valentine’s Day. Together, they feel their love inspires the design and artwork in their cards.

Hot Design Products

Ken Wingard breaks down what he found at the New York Now Show, which the hottest products available in design. From Edison lightbulbs to retro sockets, Ken has you covered on what you should be on the lookout for.

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