Friday, August 26th, 2016

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Barbara Niven Interview - Home & Family

Barbara Niven Interview

Always a favorite at Home & Family, Barbara Niven sits down with Debbie and Mark to talk about her Hallmark Channel Original Series, “Chesapeake Shores.” Before her interview, she gives a shout-out to all the fans who watch her each week on the series. She loves how the show stands out among others because it deals with some real life drama. The actress also finds some parallels with her character and her real life, including making life work after a divorce.

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How to Sleep like a King

Larry King is joined by his wife, Shawn and the two talk about their public marriage. They also open up about their first encounter at Tiffany’s on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Aside from being married, they also share a business together, a new bedding line called “Sleep Like a King,” which is available on their website.

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Vision Boards for the Dining Room

Madeline Fraser brings her Homee App to Home & Family and shows Mark and Debbie what she envisions for their new dining room, as well as the media room.

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Chilled Corn Soup with Grana Padano-Basil Corn Salad - Home & Family

Fabio Viviani Cooks

The Italian chef is making a chilled corn soup with Grana Padano-basic corn salad. Before getting started, he shares family photos of his baby, Gage. Fabio is a fan of creamy soups, so he uses both heavy cream and milk to make it that way. He advises you to stay away from buttermilk because of the acidity. Remember when preparing the soup, keep it at a simmer on the oven because it will eventually be chilled.

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Fall Hair Trends

Kym Douglas is back and discussing the latest in hair trends and she brings with her, Jennifer J, a hairstylist to the celebrities. Jennifer says that caramel is the new blonde and sombre is the new ombre when it come stop coloring the hair. When it comes to hairstyles, milk braids are a big hit, which is how Paige is sporting her hair today.

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Kid's Medical Privacy Issues - Home & Family

Kids' Medical Issues

Dr. JJ is joined by Kristin Smith to talk about when is the right time to visit a doctor with their child and when kids should be meeting with doctors alone. She advises that adolescents should develop one-on-one relationships without parents’ supervision. She does agree that physicians should all respect a minor’s privacy unless he or she is in danger.

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Pineapple Upside Down Cake - Home & Family

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Debbie is in the kitchen baking up a pineapple upside down cake that has been inspired by Hallmark Channel’s Original Movie, “Summer of Dreams,” which premieres Saturday at 9/8c. In the movie, Debbie Gibson’s character goes grocery shopping for pineapples and it is on that journey she meets her love interest. Debbie even makes her own homemade caramel for the dessert. When looking for a perfect pineapple, don’t be afraid to smell it to see if it is sweet.

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DIY Color Coded Chore Chart

Designer Cortney Novogratz is showing you how to keep your life organized with children by creating a color coded chore chart. Cortney has seven kids, so she knows a thing or two about keeping kids in line with responsibilities.

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DIY Screen Repair - Home & Family

How to Fix a Screen

Paige Hemmis is showing you how easy it is to fix a ripped screen on your door. She does tell you to not reuse a damaged old spline, just purchase a new one. Using Paige’s directions, this DIY will only cost you $20.

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