Friday, August 19th, 2016

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Rachael Leigh Cook Interview - Home & Family

Rachael Leigh Cook Interview

The actress sits down with guest host, John Salley and Debbie to talk about her new Hallmark Channel Original Movie, “Summer Love,” which premieres Saturday, August 20th at 9/8c. Rachael talks about being a mom, and what it is like raising a boy and a girl, both under the age of three. She says the difference between the two is her daughter is very verbal while her son is very physical. She jokes that it is never a dull moment when you are constantly chasing after little kids.

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DIY Locker Decor - Home & Family

DIY Tweens Locker Decor

With school starting for many kids, Ken Wingard has a fun DIY that tweens will love. Today, Ken is showing you how to decorate your lockers using everything from wrapping paper to magnets. He explains that locker decorations are becoming very popular in stores now. He says the most you will probably spend is $20.

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Trevor Donovan Visits - Home & Family

Steak and Potato Skewers

One of the stars of the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Original Movie “JL Family Ranch” Trevor Donovan teams up with Matt Rogers outside at the grill! The two are showing off a good old fashioned dish with a twist: steak and potato skewers. An important fact is to soak the skewers in water for up to 30 minutes to avoid them catching on fire. When cutting up the ingredients, the steak and potatoes should be the same size.

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Dean Cain and Michael Turco Visit

Actor Dean Cain is joined by magician Michael Turco! The two are visiting Home & Family to talk about their CW show, “Masters of Illusion,” which airs Fridays at 8/7c. Dean explains that he has been passionate about magic since he was a kid and this show is like a dream come true. Meanwhile, Michael talks about learning magic as an art and describes how he gives each illusion his own personal touch. Michael even stays to perform a little of his magic for the audience.

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Old School vs. New School Discipline

John Salley hosts a Home & Family roundtable to discuss disciplining of your children. Each participant discusses how they were disciplined as a child and compare it to how they discipline their own children.

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Garden Summer Pasta - Home & Family

Chef Jack Witherspoon Cooks

Teenage chef Jack Witherspoon is back in the Home & Family kitchen and this time he is cooking his garden fresh summer pasta, perfect for the season. Jack even makes his own pancetta-free version of the dish for John Salley. He adds a dash of red pepper flakes to the dish to give the sauce a little kick. As he cooks, Jack talks about first learning to cook ten years ago when he was only six. The colorful meal is a hit with the show.

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Judy B. Swartz’s Tips

Celebrity stylist Judy B. Swartz visits with John and Debbie and talks about her career and more recently what it is like working with Melissa McCarthy. Judy says her main goal was to make Melissa feel good in what she wears, especially when it comes to red carpet fashion. Judy’s big tips are to find brands that work for you and to not mix bold patterns.

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DIY Statement Necklace with Press-On Nails - Home & Family

DIY Statement Necklace

DIY Dreamjobbing star finalist Michelle Villemaire is back in the craft room making a statement necklace with a Press-On nail kit. Before getting started, Michelle talks about how her life has changed since being featured on the show, including having her own segment on The Today Show. When it comes to this DIY, Michelle says to treat the nails like they are beads when decorating. Sticky foam is an excellent source to keep the nails in place. This entire DIY will only cost you $10, but she says you can make your own necklace for as little as $3.

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Plants for Darker Rooms

Shirley Bovshow is giving you some ideas for plants perfect for darker rooms. Low light plants are low maintenance, which is an added benefit. She points out that plant labels usually should indicate how much light it needs. Just remember to water the plants when the soil begins to dry, usually once every few days.

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