Italia Ricci Interview

Italia sits down with Mark and Cristina to chat about her new ABC series, “Designated Survivor,” where she stars alongside Kiefer Sutherland in the political thriller. Italia also stays busy being on the show, “Supergirl” where she does her own stunt work. Aside from acting, Italia also is getting ready for her wedding to actor Robbie Arnell, who plays “Firestorm” on the superhero series.

Chef Michael Fiorelli Cooks! - Home & Family

Chef Michael Fiorelli Cooks

Executive Chef from “Love and Salt” Michael Fiorelli is in the kitchen preparing wild salmon with fava bean and garden pea leaves. Michael’s restaurant specializes in farm to table, which means he grows all the food in his own personal garden. Each vegetable he uses is organic and pesticide-free. When it comes to growing your own garden at home, Michael believes education is key for your vegetables to thrive.

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DIY Hobbit Hole Playhouse Part 2 - Home & Family

DIY Hobbit Hole Playhouse Part 2

Ken Wingard continues his DIY from the previous day. Now that the playhouse has been built, now Ken is showing you how to paint the playhouse and add the moss and decorations to the frame. Ken points out that kids will love to help out when it comes to adding fun items to the Hobbit Hole Playhouse.

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Megan & Liz Interview

The singer/songwriter duo Megan & Liz visit Home & Family to talk about their musical success on the internet and how they made it big using social media. The young women shot to fame when they were featured on “Oprah” in 2009. Megan & Liz use their real life experiences to inspire them to write their own music and they just released their new LP, “Deux,” which was released March 11th. After their interview, the two perform for the audience.

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Keeping Pets Safe for Spring - Home & Family

Keeping Your Pets Safe This Spring

Dr. Courtney Campbell of NatGeo’s “Pet Talk” stops by to talk about how you can protect your pets from lawn fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides. Some signs that your pet has gotten into your gardening products would be vomiting, diarrhea and constipation. Call your vet immediately if your pets have ingested any of those products mentioned. Also, with changing seasons, your pets may attract more fleas or ticks. Treat your house, house and yard with flea/tick spray once a month to prevent infestation.

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April Fool’s Day Pranks

Matt Rogers has some fun prank ideas that you can do on April Fool’s Day. Matt is not a fan of mean-spirited pranks, but light-hearted ones that end in big laughs. From fake bugs to fake cracks on the phone screen, Matt loves pulling fast ones on his family.

How to Grow Tomatoes - Home & Family

How to Plant Tomatoes

Shirley Bovshow is outside giving you some helpful tips on how to grow tomatoes. First things first, select the type of tomatoes that you want to use in your favorite dishes. The most common ones are cherry, paste and slicing. Once you decide which tomato you want to plant, add compost to the garden soil to ensure successful grow. Finally, remove the lower leaves on tomato stems so you can bury the plant deeper.

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DIY Magazine Nightstand - Home & Family

DIY Magazine Nightstand

Tanya Memme is showing you how to use all those old magazines to make your base for a fun nightstand. Before building the nightstand, you have to find the center of each magazine before drilling. In order to avoid a paper jam, drill one magazine at a time, something Tanya had to learn the hard way! To create the spiral look with the magazines, twist and angle them.

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