Ford Warriors in Pink

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Models of Courage
Ford Warriors in Pink is showing its dedication to everyone touched by breast cancer by creating an army of warriors in select cities across the country. They’re called Models of Courage. They are patients, survivors, thrivers and co-survivors ready to help us empower those currently in the fight.

Not only do Models of Courage help raise awareness and funds for the cause, they’ll also help bring good days to those in the breast cancer community. Since bad days are all too common for patients, survivors and caregivers alike, it’s more important than ever to create better ones.

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More Good Days
Most breast cancer patients find themselves overwhelmed, exhausted, and feeling alone—categorizing their days by “good days” and “bad days.” While many people want to help, most are unsure of the best way to show their support. Not only has Ford dedicated over $130 million dollars to help in the fight over 22 years, but Warriors in Pink’s More Good Days initiative empowers people to take real action to help those with breast cancer by ultimately giving them more good days.

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Staying Positive
Camilla Formica helps raise awareness, shows support, and inspires others as a Ford Warriors in Pink “Model of Courage”! Despite facing the challenges and fears of a breast cancer diagnosis as a mother with small children, she worked to keep her kids focused on the positive things in life. A group of friends rallied around her, providing support and someone to listen when she needed it most.

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Reaching Out
One thing that got Camilla through those difficult days was helping others in a similar situation. Reaching out to those who were experiencing their own challenges allowed Camilla to find the strength to work through her diagnosis and treatment. In fact, this experience inspired her to create a foundation to help survivors post-treatment.