Lesley-Ann Brandt Interview

The actress sits down with Mark and Cristina to discuss her new series, “Lucifer,” which airs Mondays at 9/8c on Fox. Lesley-Ann even does all her own stunts in the show, crediting her background in the show “Spartacus” as good experience. The scariest stunts are the fight scenes because she is also required to memorize the choreography. The actress also opens up about about meeting her husband in acting class and describes their beautiful wedding in Vermont.

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Chinese Dumplings - Home & Family

Golden Dumplings

Chef Shirley Chung is in the kitchen ringing in the Chinese New Year by teaching you how to prepare Golden Dumplings. Shirley has been using this recipe since she was a little girl. When she was younger, her mother would hide one candy in 100 dumplings and whoever got the candy would have a very sweet new year. After Shirley serves the dumplings, Kym is the one who receives the surprise candy in her meal! The new year is all about family and coming together.

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Beauty Intervention

Before Kym Douglas can get started on her segment, Mark and Cristina surprise her with a beauty intervention. Kym admits she hoards a lot of beauty products, but doesn’t think she has a problem. She is even more shocked when her husband Jerry joins in the intervention. Jerry talks about how Kym’s products have taken over their master bathroom and pushed him to the guest bathroom. Kym allows Home & Family to help her get rid of the products she doesn’t use.

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DIY Cupid's Arrow - Home & Family

DIY Cupid’s Arrow

Maria Provenzano is getting ready for Valentine’s Day by showing you how to make DIY Cupid’s Arrows. You can use whatever colors you want, but she uses painter’s tape to make your arrow multi-colors. After she makes the wall arrows, she also shows you how to make Arrow Heart Valentines and Arrow Kabobs using fruit!

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Olivia Sanabia Interview

Olivia Sanabia chats with Home & Family about her Amazon series, “Just Add Magic” and brings a clip for them to preview the series. In real life, Olivia also works closely with the foundation after cancer took the life of her friend, Jon Jon. When it comes to role models, Olivia says she looks up to Bailee Madison from Hallmark Channel’s “The Good Witch.” Mark and Cristina end up surprising Olivia by setting up an on-set Skype visit with Bailee!

DIY Valentine's Monster Boxes - Home & Family

DIY Valentine’s Monster Boxes

Tanya Memme has a fun Valentine’s Day DIY that kids will love. This project is also a great way to to recycle old tissue boxes, which will be used for the head of the monster. You can also recycle an egg carton, since that is what is used to make the monster’s eyes. Tanya encourages you to get as creative as you want. In the end, this super fun DIY project will cost you as little as two dollars!

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Fix My Yard - Home & Family

Shirley’s Design Fixes

Shirley Bovshow shows you how to spruce up your home using her landscaping knowledge. From creating a design plan for a narrow side yard to showing you how to create a small patio makeover. Shirley has you covered!

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The Art of Caring for Your Pet's Coat - Home & Family

How to Care for Your Pet’s Coat

Laura Nativo is here to share some tips on how to care for you pet’s coat and keep it free from dandruff and mats. She recommends looking for lumps, ticks, cuts and any unusual spots on your dog. Since there is a variety of fur types with dogs, Laura recommends researching the right brush for your pet. She also emphasizes that it is never too late to get your dog to enjoy being groomed and bathed.

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Stump Dan Kohler

The family members gather around to ask Dan the tough food science questions and see if he knows the answers! For the most part, Dan answers all the questions correctly.

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